Monday, August 18, 2014


Hello, my lovelies :)

So I saw a post on the social media the other day-Google Plus-that struck me as very true. I don’t know if any of you struggle with depression, but the page Project Happiness posted something that really spoke to me.

“(Warning, the following may contain dark and triggering information and lots of ranting, only read if necessary and if read, read to the end. Viewer discretion is advised. I'm going to lose a lot of followers for this....)

I can't tell you how sick it makes me. This whole romanticism of mental illnesses and scars. It's very disturbing. Thousands upon thousands of dark and sickening posts of scars, blood, and darkness. You all complain that you're depressed and you want to be happy but you don't do a freaking thing about it. You embrace mental illnesses. You write poems about the voices inside your head and how you think you're a demon and a monster. You embrace cigarettes and blades and complain that you aren't who you used to be. You complain that you won't be happy. You overdramatize the whole situation. You think you're misunderstood. The whole thing is disgusting. You fill your own mind up with sh!t and make yourself worse. I come across so many posts about romanticizing these things. They disturb me greatly. Do you even know what you're doing? You're embracing a mental illness. That's not something to be embraced. You're choosing to be this way. Yeah, well, some of us don't. Some of us want to be happy. You complain about that and then keep romanticizing the very thing that will kill you. You don't want to die. You want to be saved. But you're so pessimistic about the whole thing you won't allow yourself to be. Y'all complain the you killed the happy person you used to be. No, no you do didn't. They're trapped inside you. They're still there. They're just chained up. You have the key. You just won't believe they're still there. You think you're rotten and twisted beyond recognition. Yeah? You're not. You're wearing a mask. And you put it on. Society, is pretty messed up. But every single person believes they're part of the whole rebellion. Everyone does. And I guess we all are. Society won't change though. There are people who are kinder and wiser than others, there are people who are more caring and knowledgeable than others, there are people who fit in more and look the image and for the bill more. And that's the whole thing. Y'all think you're misunderstood and the only ones who know what you're going through. Honey, that's bull. There are so many people who understand. There are so many people who care. There are so many people who get it. You're not alone. You choose to isolate yourself and then complain about it. And I understand...

This is extremely overlooked. So many people over implicated the whole thing. You don't want certain people in your life because they're jerks? Leave 'em. Feel like you're alone? Talk to someone. Feel like you're misunderstood? Open your eyes and look around, more people than you think. Want to not be stuck in the past anymore? Move forward. Want to get through this? Make that decision and make the choices for getting help. Want to be happy? Stop embracing mental illnesses and wake up. Realize it's unnatural and you're only making yourself worse. And do things you enjoy. Want to heal? Sort through your feelings, breathe often, don't harm yourself, and move forward. Want to get over someone? Realize this: if they were supposed to be in your life they would be now. Want to stop self-harming? Throw away everything that can be used in that way. Scars aren't beautiful. They're wounds. It's the person itself that is beautiful.

I understand that some of these choices aren't so easy, but know that you have the choice to change anything about your life whenever you want. You have the power to do that. Pick yourself up. Brush yourself off. And move the hell on. You Are Not Defined By Your Problems Or Mental Illnesses. Romanticizing Them Does NOT help.”

I am sorry if any of this was offending or if it triggered anything, but I just thought that this was worth posting.

Thank you for reading.

Stay beautiful.

God bless. <3 :)