Friday, October 31, 2014

Sniper Part 4

Hey, everyone! I know I already posted for today, but I was sitting in my room, and I decided to try to work some more on Sniper, and I literally wrote 1,078 words!!! And I loved every second of it. I can't believe it! Haha I told you I write better on paper. :) So here is part 4 of Sniper. Enjoy. :)

Sniper, Part 4

Anabelle breathed quickly, doing her best to quiet her tears and still her beating heart.
Alex hesitantly laid his palm on her hair, and smoothed the now-drenched strands away from her face. Though her shivers still racked her body, her sobs had subsided.
“Are you okay, now?”
Anabelle bit her lip and nodded slowly. Alex took her hands and examined the cuts-results of her sharp nails. He helped her to sit up, and stepped away momentarily, returning with a wet cloth and some bandages. He gently wiped away the red liquid, but she still winced at the sudden pain.
He paused, and then finished by wrapping her hands inn gauze.
She lifted them helplessly and muttered a “thanks” beneath her breath.
Alex nodded once, firmly, and exited the room, leaving her alone.
The days she had been there turned into weeks. Anabelle would mark the beginning of every day with her screams and punctuate their conversations by asking him why she was there. He would either ask her to do something for him, or ignore her completely until she began to wonder if he simply liked to see her in misery.
Three weeks later, Anabelle sat up, yet another dream haunting the backs of her eyelids. But this time, it was different.
The blood was drowning her. It reached up to grab her like hands as it filled her mouth and nose, stealing her ability to breathe. She screamed at the figure who stood in front of her.
“What do you want from me?!”
A knife plunged down into her again and again. It didn’t hinder her actions, when she surveyed her body, there were no cuts, but every time, she felt undying agony, and her screams increased.
She fought free of his grasp, twisting the knife from his fingers and ran. She looked back to where she had knelt; he was gone. She kept running, the liquid up to her knees, now, growing thicker with every step until she collapsed around a corner.
“Anabelle…” he said in a sick, sing-song voice, “Anabelle, come back to me, my dear.”
Her teeth dug into her lower lip, biting back the scream that threatened to give away her position.
“Anabelle…” again, “Anabelle, I promise I won’t kill you if you come out now. I might hurt you...a lot, but I won’t kill you.”
“Anabelle, you have to come back to me,” a desperate voice cried out.
Anabelle plunged the knife deep into him, with a yell as he rounded the bend next to her. He screamed. Deep, and loud.
“Anabelle...Anabelle, I need you to get me the plant I showed you. Anabelle...Anabelle!” he screamed. She pushed her hands to her ears and pulled her knees to her chest, rocking back and forth.
Her blood-red eyes cleared and she gasped breath into her lungs.
Alex sat on the floor, screaming through his teeth. “Anabelle, get me the herbs! Hey, listen to me! You’re dreaming!” he gasped, “I just...need you to get me the medicine!”
She sat down hard, the knife still attached to her hand.
Blood. Everywhere.
She dropped the knife and brought her hands back to her face, they tore at her hair as panic overtook her body.
“Anabelle, do you hear me? It’s okay, love, just...just get me the herbs. It will all be okay if you just...just...just…” his breathing slowed and his eyes fluttered shut.
“Alex?! Alex!” she shot out of her stupor, and rushed to the cupboard, knocking over containers and bundles of herbs in search of the right one.
Black. She remembered it was black. And the leaves were small, and intricate.
Her hand wrapped around the bundle that she found and she slid to the ground in front of him onto her knees.
“What-what do I do? Alex!” she shook him. “What do I do?! You have to tell me! I don’t know how to help you!”
His eyes pried back open and shut again. Sweat began to form on his forehead and lips as he put forth effort to speak. “Chew...chew...up…” he rasped, his head falling from side to side. When Anabelle grabbed his hand, his body convulsed, shaking uncontrollably, his neck snapping every which way.
“What? Chew it up? Is that what you said? Alex!” Tears flooded to her eyes, descending down her cheeks. “Alex...I don’t want you to die.” she said to him, then again to herself, “I don’t want him to die.” she sobbed, gripping his hand until all of a sudden, the door burst open and a man shoved her away from Alex.
“What happened?!” the man shouted, searching Alex’s body, and fingering his clothing rapidly. He turned and grabbed her shoulders, shaking her with each word. “Tell me what happened!”
“His-his leg.” she stuttered through her sobs, “The knife. I-I was sleeping and-and…”
The man grabbed the black plant from her shaking fingers and held it to his nose. He scowled and cast them aside, drawing a syringe from a bag that lay at his side. He filled it with a green liquid. “Damn fool.” he muttered, and he drove it into Alex’s leg pressing the plunger hard as though the harder he pressed, the sooner effect would take.
Alex twitched twice and was still.
“ he dead?” she was almost afraid to ask. She wiped her swollen eyes on her sleeve and forced herself to look at the man.
“No. He’s sleeping. But he very well could be dead within the hour if you don’d do what I tell you to do.” he looked back at her as he held his hand to the wound.
Anabelle nodded at him. “Okay.” she said quietly.
“I need you to get me a glass of water, a cloth, gauze, a needle and some strong, and the bottle of alcohol from my bag.” She retrieved the items for him and he began patting away blood with the cloth which he had dipped in the water. He poured the alcohol over Alex’s leg and Anabelle winced in pity.
The man finished washing the wound, stitched it up, and wrapped Alex’s whole thigh in gauze, finally sitting back on his feet. He turned to Anabelle.
“He’s okay for now.” the man got up, groaning and gripping his back as he drank the remaining water from the glass. “Now,” he said, gulping it down, “I think you had better tell me exactly what happened.”

Thanks so much for reading!!! You'll all have to wait until next time to find out who this mysterious man is, and why he knows Alex, or why he is helping them. :)

Thanks tons!!! Have a blessed weekend! :) I know I will.

Sniper Part 3

I can't believe this! You guys, I reached 1,000 views today! I am so happy! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I finished part 3 of Sniper! It's kind of shorter than the other two, but I still did it! Haha

Part 3-Sniper
When she entered the main room of the little house, she saw Alex throwing some spices into a pot and smelling it every now and then. She watched him for a few minutes until her gaze made him aware that she was there.
“What-” she cleared her throat, “What do you want with me?”
He frowned confusedly at her, and tilted his head a little to the right.
She threw her arms open. “Well, I’ve been here for almost five days, you obviously want something. Why else would I still be here? I’m just using up your food and water.”
“Sit.” he said. She pulled a chair from the table behind her, and sat in it, crossing her arms over her chest. “Cut these.” he laid a cutting board in front of her with a knife, and a bundle of herbs.
She narrowed her eyes at him, but did as she was told. She began slicing them into thick pieces, and was about to put them into the pot when he stopped her.
“No, no, no, no, no! You have to cut them smaller!” He put his arms around her and grabbed her wrists, displaying how to cut them smaller. “You slice them closer together, so that they dissolve better when I boil them.”
She took the knife back, and began to cut them again, smaller this time. He observed her for a time, and then nodded, satisfied, and then went back to his own work. When she had finished, she slid them into the pot, and sat on the stool, looking around with nothing now to do.
“Is that our dinner?” she asked, her stomach rumbling a little.
“No. Poison. You just mix this…” He poured some purple liquid in, “And this, and then you sprinkle this in, and you have poison.” he said, so casually that she wondered if maybe he did have it for dinner.
She nodded once, and pursed her lips. A thought struck her. He wasn’t tying her up, or sedating her anymore. If she could find the door, she could leave if she wanted to. A crease formed on her forehead, and she got up.
Anabelle walked through the halls, finding her way into a bedroom, a study, and the shower that she had made use of earlier that day. Finally, she found a little room with a pair of boots, and a long coat, and a brown hat. When she walked the rest of the way through, she found a door. A screen door. She glanced through it and shoved open the door, hoping that her sight was deceiving her.
A tear slipped down her cheek and she turned back to find Alex, leaving the vast expanse of water behind her.
She was on an island.
“Ah, there you are. I was wondering where you got off to.” Alex said. He stood, hands stained purple, in the middle of the kitchen.
“Yeah, I was…” she paused, “just...clearing my head. I think I’m going to rest for a while. I...have a headache.”
Alex frowned and took her upper arm. “Come.” he led her to her bed, and helped her lay down. He made sure she was comfortable, and then returned to his work.
She smothered her sobs with the woolen blanket, and soon was asleep.
Anabelle ran from...something. She didn’t know what, but she knew there was something behind her. She looked behind her at the black tunnel and tripped. Her knees stung as they struck the floor, and something wet and warm sprayed onto her face. She lifted her hands to her face and her eyes widened. Blood.
A sharp pain roared up her spine, and she arched her back. Screams echoed in her ears. Her hands found her mouth, and she found that her own vocal cords released the sound.
“It’s okay, Anabelle, it’s okay,” a voice whispered, “I have you, it’s okay.”
Anabelle awoke, screaming with sweat dripping down her face, and arms. Alex stood next to her bed, holding her tightly against his chest. “It’s okay, Anabelle. It’s okay. Shhhh. It’s okay.” She gasped her sobs away, gripping the edge of the bed as she tried to erase the memory of her dream.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you all know how much your support means to me! Thanks tons. :)

Have a blessed weekend. :)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sniper Part 3 Update

There is nothing better for a writer than a fresh cup of coffee, lunch out, and being stuck inside on a cold day. :)

Yes, all of those things describe my day so far. I am working on part 3 of Sniper, so I might not post it till tomorrow. Like I said, I work better when I can write on paper, so sorry to those of you who were waiting on it!! I will post more, though. And I expect all of you to hold me responsible if I don't!! Email me, Facebook, just bug me until I get it up. :)

I kind of ran out of ideas. So, I made a Plot Diagram with Read Write Think. It was really helpful. :) I'll put the link below if any of you need to find a good site for one. :)

I have actually been switching between windows while I write this post, and I am actually further in Sniper than I thought, so I might post it today. But hopefully if not, then tomorrow. :)


Here's the link to ReadWriteThink. :)…/stu…/plot-diagram-30040.html

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sniper Part 2

Hey, everyone!

So I got a bit more work done on the story last night when I decided to be a loner and go to dinner along. :) I find that I work better when there is a little noise in the background, and when I can write it all on paper-or, in this case, a napkin. I wrote a ton! I completely filled the napkin. That was the only reason I stopped.

On another topic, I have seen some new activity on the blog!!! Welcome one and all! Thanks so much for reading! Ask any other viewers. I love my followers. ;)

So here's the next part of the story! I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing!!! (Which was a ton, by the way) ;)

Part 2, Sniper

Anabelle awoke, the ringing pain again enveloping her, threatening to drag her back down into the recesses of its warm blackness. She did not attempt to sit up, remembering the results of the previous morning.
“Who are you?” She could see the man walking around the room and look up when she addressed him.
“You can call me Alex.”
She noted his soft purr of a voice and hated it instantly. Her eyes darted back to the ceiling and closed.
“What’s yours?”
They shot back open. She bit her lower lip. “Anabelle. Why did you take me here? Where are we?”
He turned back to his tasks without a reply. He came to her bedside moments later, with a syringe. She struggled to move away, but the pain roared back into her skull and she gave up. He pressed it gently into the bend of her arm, and she heard his now-distant voice whisper,
“This will help you sleep. Goodnight...Anabelle.”
“You have got to stop doing that to me!” Anabelle said outrageously when she awoke the next morning.
“It was necessary for you to rest. Now that you are awake, would you like something to eat?”
Anabelle frowned and sat up a little, the pain having mellowed to a throb. “What time is it?”
“Eleven AM. The shooting was four days ago.” Alex set a plate in her lap. She glanced down at it with a sigh. Bread and...bread…
“Really? This is what you call breakfast?”
“No,” he said, turning, “That’s your breakfast. Anything more than that and your body will reject it.”
She glared at him. “What do you know about my body?”
“Plenty!” he retorted. Then blushed and looked at the floor. “I don’t want you to get sick.”
“That’s crap.” She said. She looked away and felt the plate lift from her lap. Momentarily, another took its place. A heavenly smell wafted into her nose.
Bacon, eggs and a slice of hot bread smothered in melted butter with a glass of warm milk.
A bite went down. Two. Four.
“Be careful. Don’t eat too fast.”
Anabelle looked up to see him observing her while eating his own breakfast. She scooped more in. After a couple more bites, her stomach protested. Her now-repulsive-looking breakfast spilled over her front. Alex was at her side in moments, collecting it in a bucket, one hand on her back, the other bracing the bucket. Once her spasms had resolved, her eyelids fell shut and she looked up into his face.
“You can say ‘I told you so’ now.”
He looked back at her as he wiped her forehead with a warm cloth. “I don’t believe in unnecessary spite.”
She rolled her eyes. He moved away and washed his hands. She cringed. They would both smell like puke now, she thought with remorse. He caught her eyes on him and nodded his head at her.
She breathed heavily once and lifted her eyebrows. “Any chance I could get a shower? Maybe I could wash my dress, too. I’d rather not smell like throw-up for however long I’m here.”
Alex helped her off the cot and let her to a room with wooden panels on the floor and a wooden spout gushing water that flowed from the wall.
Throw your clothes out when you are in. I’ll wash them while you are busy. Soap is on the ledge on the wall.” He left.
Anabelle let loose a deep breath and combed her fingers through her scraggly hair. She lifted her dress up and over her head and once unclothed, tossed her garments out the door, and stepped under the spout. A steaming torrent of hot water burned over her body, causing her to smile with pleasure, then gasped when it washed the dried blood from her wounds, turning the water to a clear red. She glanced down at her side. Ten neat stitches lined her hip. Crusted red still stuck, so she rubbed her fingers with soap and, biting her tongue, dug her fingers into the wound, scrubbing it thoroughly with soap. She cried out, and her eyes smarted, but finally it was done. She sat down on the wooden panels, letting the water flow over her skin and wash away the grime and sweat.
An hour later, she emerged, the room full of steam. She wiped the vapor from a shard of broken mirror. Her hair was tangled, and her face was pale. Red scratches lined her arms and legs. Tears began to fall down her face. A sob emerged. She jumped when someone knocked on the door.
“Anabelle? Are you alright?”
She took a deep breath. “Yeah. I’m washed. Where are my clothes?”
A pause. “They aren’t quite dry. I’m putting some clothes through the door.”
Anabelle stepped back behind the door while he laid them on the counter, then shut the door behind him. She looked through the clothes. A man’s shirt, and a pair of skinny jeans. So he had girls jeans (why-ever that may be) but he didn’t have a shirt? She sighed again. She seemed to have been doing that a lot lately. It was a long time before she put the clothes on and walked out.

Thanks so much for reading! I had a great time writing this, so I hope you all liked it!!!

Now that that's done, I haven't gotten any emails about the challenge I issued a bit ago!! What's up with that??? Haha I hope none of you *gasp* forgot to do it! Oh dear. Haha well, if you have not seen my post about the challenge, I posted it on October 25, and I wanted all of you to walk up to strangers on the sidewalk on your way to school, work etc. and start a conversation. Please email, comment, chat me! I would love to hear from you.

Now, sadly I have to end the post here. My cat is pleading for attention. :)

Have a great week! I hope to add more tomorrow, maybe. :)


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sniper Part 1

Hey, everyone. Sorry for the delay in posting the story. I haven't gotten as much done as I had hoped. Haha.

I had a good weekend, lots of stuff to do, and another full weekend coming up. I am loving the beautiful weather conditions; yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, in the seventies, and sunny.
So I have only about a page and a half of the story, but I thought I would post it anyways. You guys deserve it for being so patient. :) If you guys have ideas about where it should go, please email me or comment. I am open to suggestions. :)


The violin wailed pleasantly in Annabelle Lochton’s ear as she toned herself to the music, slowly adding in her own part, a crescendo, and a new tune, dancing playfully with the other instruments. They created a beautiful melody, but she could hear none of it. There may have been other people on the stage, but in her mind, with her eyes shut tight, there was only her. She paused, slowly dying out, and then moments later coming back in. A harp joined the song, and she smiled to herself.
This was perfection.
A shot rang next to her, and a searing pain roared up her shoulder. Another pierced her back, and her lips opened in a silent scream. She did not make a sound as she fell to the floor, and the last thing she saw was her mahogany violin falling to the wooden stage, blood splattered on the front, and the strings humming a sad note.
Black around her
Black underneath her
But then there was red. She remembered the red. Blood.
She fell again back into sleep’s deep embrace.
When Annabelle woke, she found that the rigid blacks had faded to not-pleasant browns and greens. She sat up swiftly, crying out as searing pain shot up her arm and into her head. Panic took her over. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed on which she lay and slid off the side, nearly falling before a tanned hand pressed her gently back into the blanket.. She struggled against him, increasing the pain in her shoulder, but subdued when the pain came to be too much. The momentum of her surrender sent her falling back onto the cushions, and releasing another burst of pain into her spine.
“Sorry.” the man muttered. He began to walk around the room, gathering things; a bottle here, a rag there, and finally coming to rest at her bedside. He lowered the shoulder of her shirt, exposing her skin to the unknown man. Her first instinct was to bat away his hands, but when he put a needle into her arm, she felt weak and sunk lower into her bed. The dim light allowed her little vision of her captor. She watched silently as he peeled back her shirt, and dabbed a cloth at the accumulating blood. She gritted her teeth. The rag came away red. The man finished his work and bandaged her shoulder well, tightly, but not too tightly.
“Rest.” he said, quietly, “You have been shot.”
No?! she thought to herself. I’ve been shot?!
She closed her eyes and did her best to rest, but found that sleeping in a place where you do not know is more than slightly unnerving, and found little rest in the burrow. She looked around as she was unable to move much. She finally found a digital clock and found the time to be around 3 AM just before she fell asleep.

Thanks so much for reading. I already have a back story for most of the people, but again, if you have any ideas about where it should go, or anything that you think would make it more interesting, please let me know.

Thanks again. :)

Have a blessed week. Lord-willing, I will post again soon,


Saturday, October 25, 2014

"The Challenge"

Hey, everyone. :)

So I was laying in bed last night thinking about some people I know, and was kinda going "Yeah...that person just doesn't have emotions..." So then I started thinking about how when you pass someone on the street, you don't really think about them. You pass them, and your mind hardly even processes that there is someone next to you. At most, you say hi and forget all about them. At least, you don't even know they are passing you. You might mutter a greeting, swerve a little out of the way while staring at your electronic screen, but we don't really think about the emotions of people we don't know.

Have any of you ever played that game where you are in the car and every car you pass, you and your fellow passenger look at other cars and try and tell what their life is like? I haven't played that game in ages. We don't really do games in the car in my family. But maybe you guys do. :)

Anyways, so the whole point of today's post is to issue all of you a challenge!!! Yayyy haha

So, I want all of you to spend one day this week-it doesn't matter what day-walking down the sidewalk and saying hi to everyone you pass by. Maybe even start a conversation with them. You know, ask them how they are doing, how old their kid is, make small talk, and then move on to the next person. :)

So I would love to hear about all of your experiences. I thought this was an awesome idea. :)

Also, on a totally random note, ALL OF YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THIS LINK AT THE BOTTOM. It is totally amazing, and I love it. Yes, it is from Wicked. Yes, I am a Disney fan, yes, I am a nerd. :)) haha

So yeah, let me know how your challenge went, and maybe even send me a video or something. I can't wait to hear from all of you. :)

Have a great weekend. :)

Blessings. :)

Here's the link to the song from Wicked. It's called "For Good"

Friday, October 24, 2014

Dee Henderson

Hey everyone. :)

Not a whole lot to report today. I am still working on that story, so it may take a bit before I get it up on-site. So far it is going well, I have written several hundred words.

So what have you all been reading lately? I have been reading a lot of Dee Henderson. She is pretty good. I am particularly fond of her book "Danger in the Shadows". I think that one is probably my favorite. :)

In case you hadn't noticed, today's post is kind of random. Haha.

Well, yeah, that was today's post. I am sorry I haven't posted very long stuff lately. Been a little distracted. Haha

well have a blessed weekend.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Brief Update

Hey guys, so I have to make this brief.
I am working on a short story right now, so I will probably post it within the next couple days. :)

Blessings :) <3

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Guy Friends

Guy friends, people.

Not like...boyfriends, but guy friends. Friends who are guys. Oh my goodness. Haha I just...I my guy friends. They make me so happy. Haha I am at my happiest when I am hanging out with them.

I know that a lot of people think that there has to be romance involved in a relationship, but that is so not true. Like I love all of my friends, I would do anything for all of them, but romance for me. Haha.

So in case you hadn't noticed, this blog post is going to be about all of my wonderful guy friends. I am pretty sure none of them will ever see this, because they are NEVER ON THE INTERNET! But you know, if they do happen to see this someday, you all know who you are. :)

They always make me laugh. Oh my goodness. If all of you could have seen how much I was laughing last night when one of my guy friends came to see me. Holy cow. My face hurt for like an hour. Hahahahaha I just can't believe how blessed I am. I can think of three guy friends in particular, you know who you are because you all know each other and I don't know where I would be without all of you. You make me laugh, and you are silly with me, and you guys are there when I need you, and I am just so grateful to have you three.

Thanks so much for being here for me.

And thanks to all of you for reading. I know that today's post may have been kind of boring, but I wanted to tell all of you how much I love my friends. :)

Now go and scurry around in your little lives and tell all of your friends that guys and girls can be just friends without romance, and then go and tell all of your friends that you love them. :)

Have a blessed day, and a wonderful week. :)

Stay beautiful <3 ;)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Heener Neener

Hello, my lovelies. :)

Soooo I didn't have a specific topic to write about, so I am going to write about my best friend Hannah.

So first of all, she is beautiful. She has this beautiful red hair, and it is curly, and I just LOVE it. She is like the only person I know who can pull off gorgeous hair like that. And she has this awesome smile.

Second, she is truthful. As far as I know, she has never once lied to me. She tells me the truth, even when I don't like it. And I have never lied to her. I tell her everything, and she is always brightening up my day. She makes a point of always seeming happy, just to make everyone around her more comfortable. I love that about her. She always tells me when something is wrong, and she is always there for me when something is wrong in my life.

Also, we always get what each other are saying, or talking about, or anything. We just...know. I can tell over a text message whether she is okay or not, and she does the same for me. We only have to look at one another to know what the other is thinking. We have like this psychic link thing going on. Haha

We like the same things, we watch the same things, read the same things...Arrow, DW, The Mortal Instruments, Infernal Devices...etc. We just...know everything about each other, we wear the same things, and love the same people, and we always take each others' side.

So I just wanted to remind all of you to go to your best friend today and remind him/her how much you love them, because they won't be there forever. Maybe you will always be friends as I am sure I always will be with Hannah, but they won't always be there, and beside that, everyone gets down sometimes. So just randomly walk up-or text/call/email-your best friend and make sure they know how much you love them. This is my shout-out to Hannah. I love you so much

All of you should totally check out her blog "If I could fly". The URL is below.

Have a blessed weekend.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Felicity Queen - Arrow

Hello, everyone. :)

How are all of you on this fine day? I am doing well. I got to talk to my best friend, H. It was pretty fun stuff. Haha.
So I have been watching Arrow again. I am feeding my obsession with Felicity Queen (Did all of you Arrow fans catch that?). So far it is pretty hard core. Fight scenes, romance, emotion. Haha it's pretty cool. So, yeah. You guys should all watch it. All. The. Time. Because I am telling you, you will be hooked within like...two minutes. Haha. So I would love to hear all of your favorite shows. I love Doctor Who, sci-fi type things, and I LOVE Sherlock. Those two have to be my favorite. Then there is Supernatural, and Arrow of course.
Also, if you watch any of these TV shows, I would love to hear your opinions and favorite characters. In DW, mine is Amelia Pond. Sherlock, obviously Sherlock. SPN, I LOVE DEAN! And in Arrow, I think Felicity is my favorite. :) They are all super awesome characters.

In case you had not figured this out, I also love ships. And by ships, I DO NOT mean like ocean liners and all that crap. You'll either get it or not. Haha

So yeah, there's today's post. Have an awesome day! I certainly have, and I am looking forward to another awesome one tomorrow.


Have a great weekend. :)