Monday, December 21, 2015

A New Poem

Hey, everyone! I wrote a new poem, and in the spirit of Christmas, I thought I'd share. Even though it has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. Hahaha

I Live For The Moments

I live for the moments.
Not the times or the days.
I live for the memories
When I'm swept away.

I live for sweet things
Hugs and kisses at night
For opening the door for me
And turning off the lights

I live for porchstep-kisses
And stars hung in the sky
I live for the wonderful things
The ones that get me by

I live for actions, not just people
I watch what they do
A deep head-thrown-back laugh
Little things get me through

I live for the soft things
A bird that flutters by
The jumping of a fish
The kiss of butterflies

I live for the love
And for the lovely things
I love the thought of fantasy
Of kings and of Queens

My heart beats for the good times
The times of happiness
Where all of my anxiety
Shrinks away like mist

I breathe for the gentle times
The rise and fall of a chest
For late-night sipping cocktails
Until there's nothing left

I live for pouring out emotions
I didn't think I had
And saying I'm upset when
I didn't know I was sad

I live for the moments
And the times of trust
When I know they'll last forever
Like friendship's loving rust

I kind of started it at work on Saturday, and continued it while I was taking a shower that night. I really like it. Ha-ha anyways, to all of you who are alone this Christmas, I love you, and I wish I could wrap my arms around you. You are all so precious to me. If I knew you all lived nearby, I would invite you to spend Christmas with me. You are all beautiful, sweet children of Christ, and I hope He grants you many blessings this year.
No matter what you are going through, there will always be better days. Whether someone has hurt you emotionally, or physically, you are beautiful, and nothing could ever change that. Place your trust in the one who gave His Son for you. I look forward to meeting you all one day when He comes again.

Many blessings, and a merry, blessed Christmas.

Marisa 💜