Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Little People

Hey, everyone.

So just a note before I get this post started, I am going to go through my old posts and start naming them instead of just using the date. It will take awhile, but hopefully, my blog will be easier to navigate afterwards. If you guys have any ideas about what I should name any posts, go to that post, and comment the name idea on it so I can pick one. :)

So the sermon just ended for my church, and tonight, the pastor was talking about how God used Jonah even though he was unwilling, and unskilled, etc. So that got me thinking about all the other people God uses, and the majority of them are the little people. David was a shepherd. Saul was bashful. Gideon was unwilling, Moses was a bad public speaker.
They were all useless in their own eyes - "not fit for the job description".
I often feel useless. I am terrible with that.

We are commanded in the bible to spread God's word to all corners of the earth, and yet, I am just so terrible at covering the majesty of God with only a few simple words.
There are so many other people who could do the job ten times better than me, but God has called me - a bad public speaker, only good with words on a page - to dare to try and describe his awe and glory.

Right at this moment, either you are thinking "she's too insecure." or "That's exactly how I feel."
Every one of us feels useless in some way. But ask yourself this: would God have called upon you to spread His love if He didn't think you were good enough for it?
Yeah - we are unworthy in so many ways. But here is one way we can even begin to repay our Lord.

God loves to use the little people. So even when you feel scared, or upset, or unworthy because we are just not the person for the job, remember that Jonah ran 3,000 miles and God still used him. Moses was used to lead thousands from slavery. Gideon was used to win an epic battle. David and Saul both became great kings. One God used as a lesson, the other, He used to rebuild His earthly kingdom.

God can use anyone and everyone. Even you.
The battle is brutal, my friend. Join the fight - every sword we win is another against the enemy.

Blessings, have a wonderful Sunday. :)

Jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Prayer Requests

Hey, everyone!

Sorry about the delay in posts! My friends have been going through a lot lately, and I'm trying to help them out.

That's actually what today's post is going to be about. I have five friends who need prayer and if you guys could just tale 10 seconds out of your day to pray for them, that would be wonderful.

The first one is DS. He is...struggling with his parents about some very particular things concerning his future, and he's just not doing well. He doesn't really want to talk about it which bugs me, because talking about something always makes one feel better. Pray that he would be given peace of mind, I guess and that his parents would see things from his perspective. I don't want him to end up doing something he hates, but also, we both know that he needs to respect his parents. So pray that he would be given the words to respectfully show his parents what he wants in life.

The second one is T. He has not checked in with me in awhile. His phone is broken, but I have messaged him on Facebook, and he sees the messages, but won't answer. I guess I don't know if anything is wrong in particular, but I do know that he is not a christian, so he can always use prayer.

DR, my "guy best friend" as always can use prayer because he is unconverted. He is supposedly going to ask a mystery girl out soon, so hopefully she will be somewhere near Christian and have a good impact on him.

K is unconverted, she also has 2 jobs and is struggling to keep up with school and life in general. Pray that soon she would be able to be with her parents.

H lastly. She war with so many things. She has been broken over and over again and as her best friend, I am worried for her. She is a christian, but...her demons - shall we say - have been coming back to haunt her lately and I'm just worried that she will hold everything in. That is never healthy. She won't talk to anyone, and I'm just worried about her. I guess it's my mother hen coming out.

So that's it for now, I guess. Pray that Christ will help them through me or some other means. Also, I applied for a new, better paying job, so if you could pray that it gets accepted, that would be amazing.

Sorry for the lack of stories this time, guys. Gosh, it's been forever since I posted. I'll try to get something fun and entertaining up in the next couple weeks.
In the meantime, thanks for any prayers you may send Gods way for me and my friends. I appreciate it.

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Blessings in Christ.