Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Robot

I wrote a new poem, and I am actually really proud of myself. The meter isn't quite the same on each line, so I'm going to say it is a rhymed verse poem.
Yes, it is about a depressed robot, so *TRIGGER ALERT*.

Bronze as the sun with a heart that was laden
A robot once walked where no flowers would waken
The robot was different, he wasn't the same
But the people around him all thought he was sane

He felt on some days as though he would explode
From the sounds all around him as he walked down the road
Was he going crazy? Was he insane?
No one understood-they all thought him inane

The darkness took over and showed on his face
All that he knew was he didn't belong in this place
He felt all alone and one day he decided
That maybe this life wasn't worth what he'd tried

The robot one day sat alone on a bridge
And he wondered and thought as he sat on the ridge
Would anyone notice if he disappeared?
Or was he as invisible as he feared?

He slipped one foot then another over the edge
And he straightened his back and let go of the ledge
He fell and he fell toward the icy cold
And then hit the surface-his face was still bold

And when they found him a few days later
All of those people they thought him greater
They told of the things that they had seen him do
How selfless he lived, how brave, and how true

They didn't know him-not as they thought
He was dying inside, but still he had fought
He had been dead long before he did jump
Long before all the words and the hurt made him slump

But now he was free of the hurt and the lies
He sits with the fishes and there he will lie
He sings every night of the things he was told:
That he didn't have feelings and how he stayed gold

And some nights when people feel strange, or feel sad
And stand on that bridge when they need to feel glad
He'll whisper a something that comforts their hearts
That will let them know that they can restart

"Tomorrow's a new day and you're a good soul
And you can start over and make yourself whole"
"The Robot will stay there," it's said, "Till he's done
Till no more sad people feel the need to run"

"He'll lay there beneath with his back still held straight
And then, when he's done, they'll know he was great."
The Robot is sadness in bodily form
The people are haters who bring on the storms

The bridge is the thoughts that plague us at night
The water the thing that gives them the sight
The song is our voices when we are long gone
And comfort to hold us when we seem to drown

You aren't alone, you will always have me
No matter where you are, no matter the scene
I will sing for you, I will hold tight
When no one else hears you, or can feel your light

My dearest, my darling, just hold on to this:
You are a blessing and deserve such bliss
Bring me your sadness, bring me your shame
Bring me your broken and bring me your blame

Just let me hold you when things seem so dark
And let me show you that there is a spark.
There is a something that makes this worth living
And it's time to take, instead of just giving.

You gave all your live, and give still in death
You breath forgiveness, and smile with breath
It's time just to take, and yourself forgive
And always remember that there's is a reason to live.

We are all Robots in a world of living flesh. Don't let it get you down.
To those of you who have friends who may be depressed, 6.7% of the U.S. population alone experience it in a given year. That's 14.8 million adults over 18 years of age every single year. Know the signs.