Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Masquerade

Hey, everyone! I can't believe it's almost Christmas! This year went past so fast! It was Summer a couple days ago, I swear!
I can remember last spring like it was only hours ago.
I remember walking through the neighborhood by myself in the cold spring air, and listening to the birds.
I remember getting hired in May and messing up at almost every table, and I can picture what I wore some days.
Time passes so quickly.
Anyways, that was my nostalgia getting out.

So this Friday, I am having a party. I don't remember if I mentioned it before. It is going to be a Christmas Masquerade. I am pretty hyped.

On Christmas Eve, my family always eats crackers and cheese and that type thing, and watches movies until late. Then, on Christmas, we go to my grandma's house and basically eat all day long, while the men watch either football or golf depending on which is playing at the time. We exchange gifts have a great time overall.

I am going to Ohio in exactly 11 days to see my best friend ever, Hannah. We are going to go shopping, and skating, and we are going to a big party on New Years. I am super super excited. I can't wait to see her. We always have so much fun, and I laugh more in the days that I am there than I do the rest of the year. I don't have to worry about work, or church, or teaching, I can just relax and eat. I don't get a whole lot of time to read or write which kind of sucks, seeing as I love both, but we always stay up late, and watch movies, and laugh, and-of course-drive the parents absolutely nuts late into the night. I just can't wait to see her.

I would love to hear what you guys do for New Years and Christmas!!! I seriously would.
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On a totally random subject, I recently discovered this A Capella band called Eclipse 6, and I have to say, I. Am. In. Love. They are amazing.
I particularly love their covers of  "I won't give up", "When I was your man", "Haven't met you yet", and "Just the way you are".

Totally check them out.

Thanks so much for reading! I love all of you guys! Have a great holiday season, and don't forget to subscribe!