Monday, July 13, 2015

My Real Birthday 2015

Hello, lovelies.

So, my birthday is in exactly 2 hours, and I will be 17. I don't...really remember if I said when my birthday was, but yes. It is July 14th. This is my real birthday.

So, I figure I kind of have to do a birthday post, right? I mean, it's not like I have a lot of other things to tell you guys about. Haha.
So, basically, I guess today I'm going to talk about stuff that has happened since my last birthday. Significant stuff. Not like...little things, but things that mean a lot to me. Here goes.

1. I got over the literal longest crush I have ever had. It took forever, but I finally did it. With the help of my trusty cousin. Ha-ha I am just so glad not to have to worry about it anymore. Crushes and relationships just seem like a huge hassle to me right now. In fact, I don't plan on being in a relationship until I'm out of high school. So sorry to all of you (imaginary) gentlemen who keep asking me out. I'm not available. Ha-ha

2. I became tons closer with my little brother and sister this year. I am so proud of that, because I was so angry at the both of them for so long, and I am just really glad to have them close.

3. I became closer to my God. I'm so thankful for that. Enough said.

4. I have lost a friend. Now, you may wonder why I am listing this under the great things that I have done this year. Yeah, this guy was a great friend - or so I thought. He meant a lot to me, and I am glad I had him in my life for awhile. I hung out with him when I was lonely. But...the thing is, he...for whatever reason...didn't think of me as a friend. He thought I had all these flaws, and I am flawed - we all are. But he went too far. One day, he just...stopped talking to me. He went behind my back and started talking to our friends about me, and I just...I'm glad for the time I had with him, but looking back, I should have seen it coming. And also, I would rather have a loyal, honest friend than a gossipy, ungrateful one any day. I'm just glad that I found out somehow that he didn't like me as a person. I think I would have rather heard it from him, but instead, I heard it from someone I love which may have been better - they put it gentler.

5. I have written tons of stories

6. I have made 2 new friends. Congrats, J and A. You guys are officially on my blog. :) feel special. ;)

7. I started reading the Harry Potter Series. Yes, yes, I know. "Best series ever" et cetera, et cetera. Ha-ha it's really not as great as my brothers keep telling me. I put this one down because I have never read a book that my dad suggested, and now I have. Ha-ha

8. I have in the last year, counselled 12 couples/people pining after another person in the last year. There's probably more. I have kind of lost count. Ha-ha and, I am kind of proud of this because I have never been in a relationship myself, and my advice generally seems to work, so yay me. Haha Also, I put this down because I have been asking my mom to help me with said advice this last couple times. I was angry at my mom for a long time for a couple different reasons that I won't go into, but I can honestly say that right now, I'm not angry at my mom at all.


10. I got a I am so so happy I did this. There is no describing how nice it feels to have somewhere to dump all of my poetry.

I think that's about all I can fit...for those of you who don't know, my cousin and I share a room, and will be pulling an all-nighter. So feel free to join me, and do a countdown the last five minutes. :)
Thanks so much for reading. I will be posting my 17 favorite poems that I have written on my Google plus of you want to read more.

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Blessings. 💜