Wednesday, August 5, 2015

God Made Me

I wrote this a little bit ago, and thought I'd share. I was thinking about flaws and such, and decided to write this.

God Made Me...

God made me loving
So I would love everyone

God made me broken
So I could make sure I never break someone else

God made me hurt
So I could heal others

God made me anxious
So I could learn to trust

God made me motherly
For those who don't have one

God made me uncoordinated
So I would know that balance
Is not always physical

God made me compassionate
So I would know his love for us

God made me faithful
So I would know what it's like to be betrayed

God made me insecure
So I could tell others that no one is perfect

God made me human
And uncoordinated that I am

So He could prove to me
That He is stronger than my ups

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed. If you want to check out more poems of mine, go to and look up Marisa Lu Makil. Have a wonderful day. :)