Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"Roar On The Other Side" Review

Hello, Gems. <3 

So there's this book that I have to read for school, and it's called The Roar On The Other Side by Suzanne U. Rhodes. It's basically a poetry book, and it helps you write poetry and get ideas and such.

And I. Love. This. Book. Like oh my goodness I love it. Haha you all know how much I love poetry and writing, but this book is just so amazing. For every chapter, there is some different kind of exercise like writing a list of nonsense words etcetera, and I just can't get over how awesome the book is. Suzanne Rhodes talks about how the Bible uses poetry, and not just in the Psalms, but in all different parts of the bible. She frequently references verses.
Rhodes easily communicates the joy of words to her readers and helps them see how good poetry binds all seemingly-contradictory things together. There's just so much that Suzanne has to offer in this book, and I really don't think I've loved a school book so much. :P

Here's an excerpt from chapter 4.

Keeper of the Vines
 "I am the vine, you are the branches..." John 15: 5

If she had known
as she clutched the two roots close
in her rough hands
on the ship that shivered over swells
and groaned into watery caverns
and bore her up,
scarcely breathing-

If she had known
as she stood, planted
like a small mast on the deck,
Homespun sails billowing with hope
through the gray mists,
her prayers mingling with
the mocking cry of grackles rising
above Ireland's rocky coast-

If she had known when
transplanted and heeled-in,
she plowed he new fields
and grappled her wide dreams
down to earth,
stumbling over stones
and torn by thorns-
If she had known then
all she came to know
and what she could not know
of briary branches she would grow
would she still have come?

-Rebecca B. Morecraft

As you can see, an AWESOME poem. ^-^ I hope all of you enjoy,

If you would like me to re-release Sniper (Yes I'm going to find a different name) a part at a time so it's easier for you all to read, please let me know. :)

Blessings from Christ

Have a wonderful day.