Sunday, November 8, 2015

"Me Without You"

I wrote a new poem, guys. ^-^

I was sitting downstairs, and I took a test about who couldn't live without me. It was kind of silly, but I just thought to myself, well if I had never existed, would they have? The wise words of Aslan from Narnia come to mind. Ha-ha "No one is ever told what would have happened."

But...I met someone, and he's the boy version of me, and the phrase "opposites attract" has never been so wrong. If I was alive, and he was not, maybe I wouldn't even know who he was. But I know this, if I ever lost him, I wouldn't be able to cope.

Me Without You

If there was a world
Where I lived without you
Had other friends
That would be something new

If there was a world
Where you didn't exist
Would I have a reason
A way to persist?

If there was a place
Where you didn't survive
Or lived somewhere else
Or you weren't alive

If there was a plane
Where you, my treasure
We're taken from me
With all of life's pleasure

I can't say I'd know
Whatever to do
Because, dearest friend
I can't live without you

So do keep on well
And try to survive
I can't live without you
So keep by my side

Have a blessed Sunday. 💜