Sunday, January 31, 2016

Love Is...

Good morning, lovelies.
So, today in my youth group, we talked about love, and what love is, etcetera. My pastor was telling us about a couple who he is counselling and how when they first started, they walked through the door, and he said "what will hold your marriage together?".
That prompted my thoughts on what love is, so for the next 13 days (until Valentines day) I'm going to try and do one post every day about what love is.
Here's the layout:
1. Love is commitment
2. Love is a choice
3. Love is not a " fuzzy feeling"
4. Love is a promise
5. Love is Godly
6. Love is A packaged deal
7. Marriage is not undoable (divorce is not an option)
8. Love is understanding
9. Love is forgiving
10. Love is honest
11. Love is in sickness and in health
12. Love is until death
13. Love is like God's love of the church
I look forward to the first one tomorrow.