Monday, February 1, 2016

Love Is Commitment

Love is commitment.

True love is not something tangible. It's not something you can touch. It's a mutual agreement between the two people that they will always stay committed. They will never leave each other or forsake one another. There will not be anyone else. It is one girl, and one boy who are completely and fully committed to never leaving the other person's side. "Till death do us part".

Love is not something you can throw away. If you " don't love" someone anymore, you never did. Because love is commitment, and when you are committed, you don't lie, or cheat, or go to someone else. You are loyal. You are loving, and selfless knowing going into the relationship that till death do you part, you are with that person forever. Sickness, health, decay, anger, sadness, when they are lovable, and when they are not so lovable. True love is patient, and kind, and sweet and true.

Sorry it was a bit short, and sorry I posts late. Many blessings.

Marisa. 💜