Friday, May 30, 2014

Disrespect Toward Young Marriage

Alright, so I got a few ideas for today’s post. Once again, please always feel free to ask for a certain blog post. I run out of ideas like any blogger, so thanks for the suggestions :)

I asked several of my friends and family via facebook and G+ what I should do for my next post. As I was not expecting a question about marriage, I was caught completely unprepared when a friend of mine’s mother asked me to do a post about why women who get married under the age of like 25 are not respected. People just don’t take them seriously. So, I scoured the internet looking for other peoples’ opinions on the matter. I myself think that often people who are in their teen years (16-17) are not ready to pick who their soul mate should be, but then there are times when some people are very responsible and may actually have found the one for them at the age of 16-17. So, this friend’s mom has a friend who got married at a couple months before she turned 20 and was given a lot of hate about it. People didn’t respect her or anything, so as unprepared as I was, this actually piqued my interest. Why is that?
So, I went on the internet, and found that most of the people who do get married before their twenties end up getting divorced or break up or separate, or something not long after the wedding. So to be honest, women do not get taken seriously because “The earliest marriers, those adolescents who enter marriage in their mid-teens, experience marital failure rates closer to a sobering 80%. Not until age 22 does marital stability improve significantly and do marriage dissolution rates begin to level off.” ( : Why we should raise the marriage age)

I found that most teenagers are not nearly as responsible as they think they are. So if you want my opinion, take it slow and wait until you know for absolute certain that the person you like or want to marry is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. And I don’t mean just wait for a month or so and then say “Okay, I wanna get married” if that is a long time for you, then wait for a REALLY long time. Like several months to a year. I know, it is so horribly long to wait to be with your love! But really, it’s not. How old are you? 16-18? It is really not that long. Look back on your life. You got where you are now in the blink of an eye. You can wait a while longer.

I hope I didn’t sound too harsh or anything, and I hope I wasn’t really just rambling because like I said, I really wasn’t prepared for this. Thanks so much for reading! All of you who keep up on my blog mean so much to me! Thanks!!! And again, if you have an idea about what my next blog post should be about, please let me know! I would love to hear from youuu!

God bless <3 Have a wonderful weekend.