Friday, May 9, 2014

I Have Odd Brothers

You know there is a problem when you walk into the living room and two of your brothers have a battery in their belly buttons…

Yeah, you read correctly. Batteries. In their belly buttons. So, yesterday, my grandparents came all the way from Idaho to come see my twin brothers’ graduation. We had a HUGE dinner of Lebanese Chicken and Pilaf-which you can find the recipe for on one of my earlier posts-and green beans, after which we basically sat around for a couple hours talking. I went into the living room with my brothers while the adults talked at the table. I hear laughter, and a strict command to stop.
I turned around, and my two out of my three brothers-P and N- have something in their belly buttons. A closer examination revealed batteries. Now, at first, I was scared because I thought they were double A’s or something, but they turned out to be the little flat round ones. Also a concern, as my N could not seem to find a way to get it out, and proposed he go take a shower. -_- Oh, the simplicity of his mind. My older brother J was the one who was telling them to stop. And rightly so.
My brother P, on the other hand was entertaining himself with a marble. All I can do in situations like this is shake my head and walk away, or else encourage them by uncontrolled laughter. I-unwisely-chose the latter. This all rubbed off on my sister, M, who proceeded to put a Jelly Bean in her belly button-What is my family’s problem…?-which made every single one of us laugh. Later on, N thought it seemed appropriate to draw a face with the battery as the mouth and drew eyes, thus proceeding to take 101 that’s right, one-hundred and one pictures of it with my mom’s phone.

There is no limit to my family’s oddness.

Well, there you are. Today’s post. I hope you all had a good laugh, because I certainly did.

Thanks so much for reading. <3 :)