Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"The Impossible Win"

I found this on  G+. I thought it was pretty cool :) Doctor Who poem about Clara Oswin Oswald ;)

The Impossible Win

Floating through darkness
I know what I feel.
It's the Doctor's deep sadness,
Which I so want to heal.

I don't know my name,
Forgot what I've done.
I just care about him,
Gallifrey's loneliest son.

I've saved all his faces,
All Eleven of him.
But despite my triumph,
My future looks dim.

And finally he talked!
Turned 'round and noticed me.
With him I wanted to run
Since my first memory.

First I made sure
That his TARDIS was set.
True, he talked to me then,
But he didn't know me yet.

Second I chased him fast,
While he ran thoughtlessly.
Yet I couldn't catch up,
Failed what I should be.

Third I was running again,
Though this time he had a car.
Like a bird it flew by me,
Painted yellow as a star.

Forth I encountered a hallway
Which he disappeared through.
But I just want to help!
Oh, if only he knew!

Fifth I stared helplessly
As the Doctor fell deep.
In the glass he was trapped,
And seemed almost in a sleep.

Sixth I appeared in his ship
Where he strode down a hall.
I shouted loudly his name,
Yet he still didn't hear my call!

Seventh he hung for dear life
With that strange umbrella he had.
I pounded with all my might,
But he ignored me, made me mad.

Eighth I just missed him,
As he ran to the streets.
Everywhere I looked,
Hoping his eyes I could meet.

Ninth I stood witness
To his moment with Rose.
He looked safe enough to me,
So I decided to go.

Tenth I glanced out a window
And saw him in my view.
We looked out on a great library
Where everything went askew.

I'd almost given up
When the eleventh visit came.
But for once in our lives,
Our gazes went the same.

He talked for a bit,
And then tried to walk away.
I wasn't going to let that happen,
For today was finally my day!

This actually happened twice,
I accidentally died the other times.
Though the real day still came,
And it was certainly worth the climb.

I just jumped in his time stream,
A crazy thing to do.
But if there's something he's taught me,
Mad men need to travel in twos!

That's it! I remember!
Everything and my name.
I'm Clara Oswin Oswald.
And I've won my life's game.