Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why Do We Write?

Hey, guys!! Yeah, yeah. I know I already posted today, but someone got me thinking about why I write. We were talking about apologies, and that type thing, and I was thinking that when I apologize, it helps me to write to the person-which doesn't help when they don't like to read, but you know-and so usually if I am apologizing to someone, or asking if they are okay, or just trying to see if we are good, I write them a note, or an email, or text or something.

So I was wondering if that's why I love to write. Why we write. So that is what this post is going to be about. Why we write. And I know some of you already learn about this stuff in school, but oh well. :)

So I think I personally write for three reasons. First of all, because it's fun. I can make things happen, and people do things and generally in the end, I end up having "Inside Jokes" with my characters, and so...yeah. You all probably think I am really really weird now, huh? Haha well bear with me. ;)

Second reason I write *stories* is because I can make the characters do whatever I want! I feel...in control, I guess. Maybe that's a bad thing, but it is so nice to be able to say "No, she gets a happy ending, this time, no, the bad guy goes to jail." And then it happens!!! :)
We can make everything okay for the characters.
Another thing is that maybe, when something is going wrong for you, and you feel like you don't have any friends to talk to, you can make someone with the exact same problem, and come up with a solution, and maybe they get a happy ending, and that just makes everyone happy. :)

The last reason why we write (or why I write) is because I am CREATING A WORLD!!! I whole world!! How amazing is that? That is pretty awesome. We are making new rules of logic, new customs, new laws. It always makes me feel awesome to create something that intricate, and that awesome thinking "man, maybe one day, people will be reading my book for a school assignment!" yes, yes, yes. I know, school books are boring, but you understand.

And for those of you who didn't know, I am thinking about majoring in ELA teaching in college one day. :) I love to help people, and I love English, so why not. :)

Anyways, so that was the extension of today's earlier post. :) Thanks tons for reading. If you guys have ideas for posts, or stories that you would like me to read, please please email me!!! I hate having writer's block!! It's the worst. :P So having something in particular to write would be awesome. :)

Thanks again!!

Blessings, see you tomorrow. :)