Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Phone and Optimism

Hello, gems.

I got a new phone!!! I'm pretty hyped. Its a smartphone-as opposed to a dumb phone. Its a Motorola- not the best phone, but it's about a hundred steps up from the tracfone I had before.
I love being able to access this blog when I want to and not when the laptop us available.
What kinds of phones do you guys have? Also, what are some good apps to have on my phone??? I already have the basics-google stuff, Facebook etc.

Later- 11:00PM
So I know that I post a lot about loneliness and how I feel about myself, but I guess I just needed a little kick in the pants from a good friend to see that how God made me is exactly how I am meant to be.
We. Are. Beautiful. We really are. And we just need to realize that. Maybe this will help. I want you-whoever you are- to go to the nearest mirror, or selfie cam or whatever. But look at yourself. Find something about you that you like. For me, I like my eyes. My eyes are greenish blue. Focus on that one thing, focus on it and never let go. Maybe for you it is your hair or hands, or your cheekbones, but everyone has something about themselves that they like. Hold to that. Now keep looking at that one thing in the mirror and say this out loud. "I belong to a powerful God. I am not perfect- no one is. But to God, I am beautiful beyond compare. I am sinless and lovely in his eyes." There will always be parts about you that you do not like, but we need to focus on the only perfect part of us- God.
God says we are fearfully and wonderfully made. We are made in his image, and there is nothing more beautiful than that- so we have no more right to criticize ourselves than we have to criticize God. Which is to say none.
We are flawless in his vision, and though there is no way to ever have that be the only thing we care about, that needs to be our main focus.
God loves you and that is enough.

Thanks for reading.
Blessings. :)