Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sunburn and Skinned Knees

Hey, everyone. I know, radio silence for awhile. Sorry! I am working on Sniper again. Hopefully I'll get some more up soon. :)

So today was freaky busy. I woke up, and two hours later went to the beach to watch kids in the water for some moms fr church. Right when I was done there, I showered, and went straight to a friend's to walk with some people we both know. On the way, I skinned my knees, and at the beach, I got sunburned. When I burn, I burn bad. And the walk we took did not help. So, I was laying in the shower trying not to hurt myself-yes, laying. I was in so much pain, I didn't want to stand-and I started composing this poem. Now, it sounded completely amazing while I was laying there, and then when I was done getting dressed, and tried to write it down, I forgot all the really good parts like I always do. Haha so, here's the poem I wrote. I hope you like it. I worked hard to remember it. ;)

Sunburn and Skinned Knees

The light dapples in
Throwing odd shadows
On the plastic surrounding me.
Like a strange sunset put there
To taunt my eyes

Each droplet of water
Is another arrow
Shooting new spikes of pain
Through my body

Millions of drops
Per second
Splash onto my skin.

I could have avoided the pain
I could have stopped this
Not going to the beach
Not going on that walk

But oh, I would not take it back.

Not one second.
Minute was another 

To add to my collection
And even
As I lay here
Rivulets of water
Washing down my red skin
I am making another.

You tease me
Like some cruel trickster
Dripping down my back

Turned to cruel
Running up my spine like a knife.

Oh, blissful pain
Would that I could feel
You to your full relevance

Instead, you trip over me
Leaving pain in your wake.

Like a torture machine.

This feels so bad
But so good.
Once the water is freed
From the contraption shooting it
Like a pistol in my heart
Onto my skin
It rebels against its maker
And trickles delightfully across me, sending delightful shivers
Into me
Only to betray me again.

Oh, sweet treasure
Would that your painful side were invisible
Could sleep

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Goodnight, Gems.