Monday, September 14, 2015

"When Peace, When Sorrow"

I wrote something for you guys! :)

I'm not sure if I posted it, but I wrote a poem with a similar title, and I didn't realize it until after I had already written the flash fiction, soooo yeah. Haha

Fall is a strange time of year. The wind blows, the cold rushes in, and the leaves fall off the trees. But for some reason, it all has some kind of...Euphoria that makes everyone love it.
Maybe it’s the idea of the holidays getting closer and closer, or maybe it’s the fact that even nature can’t maintain its perfect, lovely facade forever - everything has to fall apart sometime.
Whatever it is, Elsie Lincoln was the only one whose spirit fell along with the red leaves from the trees, that day. It was not a particularly grand day. They’d had school pictures, so everyone was dressed up in their cute fall clothes and scarves, makeup dumped on the girls, and cologne on the boys.
Elsie wore what she always did: A black pair of jeans, brown knee-length boots, and a too-big hoodie that had belonged to her boyfriend who had died 2 years ago. Her monroe piercing still smarted from a week ago when it was implanted, and the silver of her five other piercings were like bullets of ice on her skin.
She stuffed her cold fingers into the pockets of her garments, and faced the wind as she walked home.
Anyone else looking at her would have seen a random High School girl walking home to her dinner, but when he saw her, he saw her. He could hear her heart beating slower than the average girl, and he could feel the hurt welled up in her throat, and stitched into her heart. He stood beside a lamp post, leaning casually on it, observing those who passed by, one lonely person at a time. But this girl was different. She was...composed on the outside, and a frenzy of chaos on the inside.
Marcus had been able to feel auras since he was young. His mother - a woman who was skilled in seeing auras had pushed him for years to see them himself. But he never could see the rainbow array of colors that she could. When someone walked past him, he didn’t see what color they were, he felt it. He had grown used to the waves of happy, angry, upset, etcetera, but nothing this huge had every happened.
So when Elsie walked past him, and he felt a sadness as big as an elephant-sized tranquilizer, he had to look at her. He drew his eyes to her face, and much to his surprise, she was already looking at him. Her black eyes bored into him like a drill, and he couldn’t look away.
Elsie finally blinked and released him from her spell.
Marcus ran his fingers through his raven hair, and blew air from between his lips.
This was going to be an interesting day.

I hope you enjoyed. :) I might write more of it, I might not. I am trying to get back into the habit of writing closer to daily, so this felt really good to do. I am hoping that this is the beginning of many more stories and poems. If you have any ideas for flash fiction, please send them my way. I would really love to hear them. :)

Thanks for checking this out.
I hope you all have a great week even though school has started. ;)