Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Down Days - Deep Stuff

Why, hello, everyone. :) I hope you all enjoyed your easter weekend. I certainly did. I took a HUGE step in my christian life and I got baptized.

I don’t talk about a whole lot of deep stuff, but today, I am feeling deep, so I am going to talk about down-days. A friend of a friend is having some troubles. Family-wise and also don’t know. But I really just want to take a little bit to say that depression and cutting and suicidal thoughts are real, and not something to be made fun of for. I have some experience with a depressed friend. If it helps you, here are some tips for how to comfort them and make sure they do not do something that they would regret.

First of all, it really depends on what is causing the sadness and depressed thoughts. Family issues are generally inescapable. Really all you can do is let them know that they can tell you what is going on. Make sure they know that no matter what, you will be there for them. People need to know that they are loved. It is a natural instinct put there by God. If a parental unit or sibling is not fulfilling their role and loving your friend, you need to fill in a couple positions. This has always been easy for me. I have always had a motherly instinct toward people who need someone to talk to, but really try your best on this one. So that is for familial problems.

For school problems, (bullying, being sworn at and such) STAND UP FOR THEM! If you see someone beating up on them, tell them to shut up and go fix their own life before ruining someone else’s. Also, don’t hold anything back. Let them know what you are thinking. Don’t beat up on them because A) that would make you just like them, and B) you might be the one who ends up getting in trouble. But stand up for your friends! Show them that you  care enough about them to make sure they stay out of bad situations.

Lastly: Religious problems. I am a christian. I believe in God the father, maker of Heaven and Earth. I believe that love is commitment, and God is love. Whenever I notice that a friend of mine is being religiously challenged, I make sure to first make sure I know what is going on, and second, let them know I am praying for them. God promises that if we go through all the challenges he has to give us with faith in him, he will provide us with the strength and grace to keep going. (James 4:6 & 10→ 6 But He gives a greater grace. Therefore it says, “God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”
10 Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you.)

So there you have it. Talk to them, know what’s going on, and pray. I hope this has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or anything to add on, then please please let me know. Also, if you have just an opinion, I would love to hear it. Comment or email me at thanks. :) Have a wonderful day.