Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Panic at the Bible Club

So at Bible Club today, there was a boy who was having a lot of violence problems as far as hitting and yelling and swearing go. I was angry at him and was brinking on frustration when I was given the advice to let him be. I had already been told that he was having a bad day by his classmates and by some of his teachers, but swearing and beating on other people was definitely not the way to take it out. Unprovoked violence is never ever the answer. So, I proceeded to try to talk to him and convince him that he was hurting his friends. He soon would have no friends, I thought to myself.
When the event was almost over, he had decided that he had had enough of everyone. He ran out, and down to the office where his mother usually picks him up from school. Naturally, my cousin and I followed him, both choosing a direction so as to be able to cut him off. We both caught him at the front door, sobbing, tears running down his little red cheeks as he angrily shoved his things into his backpack. We asked him multiple times what was wrong and if he had had a bad day. He refused to answer the first question, and offered only a quick nod at the latter. We eventually coaxed him back to the classroom at the promise of an extra dose of unobserved candy and a quick escape back to the office. He agreed, and soon Bible Club was over.
The tutor dismissed my cousin and I, saying that she would have a talk with his mother. We grudgingly left, as we had been hoping to find out what had been wrong with him. I personally had an idea that it had something to do with home life. Nonetheless, we dragged our feet back to the other children, on the way discussing the child.
Later, when I was standing with the tutor, waiting for my mother, I asked her if she had found out what was wrong with the boy. “Not exactly,” she replied, appearing perplexed. “I told his mother and he refused having ever done any of the things. His mother said ‘shut up! She was not talking to you!’.” I realized that this boy had been struggling with some home things as I had thought. I realized that instead of a harsh hand, he needed a loving shoulder to cry on and many prayers.
I hope this has helped you. It was certainly a lesson to you.

Thanks for reading. God bless.