Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Marriage Is Not Undoable

"Differences in interpretation about when the Bible allows divorce (if ever) leaves some Christians feeling our hands are tied when we long to extend them in compassion. Plus, our deeply held belief that "it takes two" to make a marriage work mistakenly translates into a belief that "it takes two" to break a marriage up. We subconsciously assign blame accordingly.
However, the truth is that it only takes one to wreck a covenant."

Marriage is not Undoable.

It's not something you can go back on. Once you truly love someone, heart and soul, you can't undo it. There's nothing that can change it. This goes back to several of the other things I've been talking about. Love, and marriage is a packaged deal, it is a promise, and a vow. Once you are married, it is no longer an option to fall out of love.
Just like when Christ died on the cross, He will not undo His sacrifice, we must be unwilling to even entertain the idea of divorce.

Similar to words, once it is said and done, you can't take it back. It is non-negotiable. Many consider divorce as an option, but once you are married, once you have promised, vowed to cherish forever and ever till death do you part, divorce is not a thing. It isn't even close to being a thing. It is non-existent. 

"Till death do we part". There is no room in that sentence for "but he hurt my feelings" or "but what if I get tired of him". Till death do we part. That's it. 

Many blessings,