Monday, April 27, 2015


Here's something I just finished writing. :) It's pretty brief, only 800 words, but that's okay. :) I hope you like it. :)

“I remember I was sitting one day on the curb. Dad had just told me he was leaving mom. He always had been closer to me than her.
I had just gotten out of school, so I was pretty down. What kind of a way to tell your daughter you are leaving is calling her on a phone?
I had tears dripping down my face when you just...walked by. Strumming on your guitar. Singing Hallelujah and then before I knew it, you were sitting in front of me, playing away, and singing and trying to make me smile.
“She tied you to her kitchen chair, she broke your throne and she cut your hair, and from your lips, she drew the Hallelujah.”
I don’t know why, but that made me feel...serene. There was something soothing about the way you sang and how your fingers plucked the strings like you weren’t doing it to impress anyone, you were just doing it because you wanted to.
You sat down in front of me, still playing, in the street, oblivious to the cars going by. A couple almost hit you, but you didn’t even jump.
Then you sang “When I look at you” and I smiled even though I had been crying. For those precious few minutes, I completely forgot about dad and mom and school and everything else. It was just me and you, singing and playing and laughing and smiling. Just like we always have.

I remember you asked me out that very night. Well, sort of. You told me that you were lonely, and so was I, and we were going to be happy together and we were going to go to dinner at Pilatza. I didn’t object. How could I? You were handsome, and sweet, and funny, I was lonely, and our hearts fit together even then when we first met.
We kept going out, and two weeks later, my dad had left, and I was crying again. You took me to the bay, and brought out your guitar and played “Kiss me”. So I did. I kissed you for the first time.
And when you sung “I think I wanna marry you”, we were 19 and had been going out for a year. And of course  mom didn’t care-she doesn’t care about anything. So we were married a year later. We used up all of your savings for the wedding, remember?
I can still see your face when the pastor said “You may kiss the bride”. You pulled me close and dipped me down over your knee, pressing your warm, live lips to mine.
I hated the marriage life at first, I’ll be honest. I had nothing to do all day. You made me quit my job, remember? And then when I did, all I ever did without you was read and read and read and even that got boring after awhile because finally my own prince charming was more appealing than the ones in all the books.
It didn’t take me very long to take back the boring life. In fact, this is me taking them back. I take it back, Alex Marchesun. I miss the boring life. I miss it.
Anyways, the doctors called me when I was browsing my book collection, and told me you had collapsed at work.
I rushed to the hospital, and it’s been two weeks. You haven’t woken up, and the doctors say you could be in a coma forever.
I’ve been meaning to tell you, babe. I am pregnant…
We’re going to have a baby.
So please...please wake up. Don’t leave me. I love you, and I want you to see this baby, and I can’t live without you.”
Alyson pressed her forehead to her comatose husband’s and gently lay her lips on his.
“I can’t live without you, baby. We’ve only been married a year. You can’t leave me. Please.”
When Alex (my father) flatlined, mom told me that she didn’t even know it at first. She just woke up and his hand was on her shoulder. She looked around, and at first, she was ecstatic because he was healed, but then she looked down, and he was still in the bed.
He had died,  you see. But she looked back at the man with his hand on her shoulder, and he winked at her like he had all those years ago, took out a guitar, and played a song he called “Never Alone”. Before she saw him for the last time, he slid his hand beneath her ear, and kissed her brow, whispering that he could always hear her. Always.

Mother only has a few stories about daddy, but I never get tired of them.

Foster Care Lack of Prayer

Hello, gems. :)

So I have decided to maybe to daily or weekly prayer ideas, or something like that.

Anyways, today pray for the children in foster care. Pray that they would come to know how much they are loved by their foster families, and by Christ.
I am praying today specifically for the foster child of a family I know. Their child (Wolverine) has been in and out of the hospital since February, and last week he was finally getting better, and got to go home, but then a few days later, he developed an intestinal infection, and now he is back in the hospital. They began treatment this morning.

Please include this family in your prayers. Where many are gathered, there Christ will be also.
This woman is being so brave and strong and I admire her so much, and every time Wolverine gets hurt again, she gets torn. So pray that Christ would A.) Heal Wolverine, B.) Protect the family, and C.) Comfort Wolverine's foster mother.

Pray for me also, if you would. It seems I have picked up a little bug, and I have a pretty bad sore throat and congestion and all that fun stuff. Pray that I will get better so I can attend church, and work, and all my other duties. :) Thanks

I am working currently on Sniper again. I have not been keeping up on Sarah Seleky O.O I am a terrible person. Haha.
Really, though, I need to get to work some more. I was wondering what you guys think should happen next in Sniper?
We left off where Ana and Alex are both running. She thinks he is Blüd, and he thinks she is being dragged away.
I will be ending it soon, hopefully rounding it off to about 40 pages. A nice short story. :) Short...ish. Haha

So I know a lot of you college students are out of school now!!! Congrats to the Seniors who graduated this year! Way to hit that milestone! Praise God.

What are all of you doing this summer? I have July as the birthday month in my family, so I am bringing people out to lunch on their birthdays.

Also, we are having a lot of distant family come to visit for a graduation in the family, and most of them I haven't seen in years, so I am pretty excited for that.
And then sometime in August, we are hoping to go to Idaho to visit my grandparents.

I don't remember if I told you guys about my trying to eat healthy, but I AM! So yay! Haha It is going pretty well. I cheat every now and then like anyone who is on a diet will understand, but that's okay. As long as you are doing what you want, go for it.
Though I do not recommend that if you want to be an ax murderer. If you do, I would suggest you give up your dreams and invest in a really good therapist. Haha

Thanks so much for reading today, you guys! I really appreciate it!
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Also, comment and tell me what you guys are doing this summer! I am so excited!

Blessings in Christ. <3
Love you guys :)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Facebook Famous Killer

Good morning, beauties.

I was scrolling down my feed on facebook just now and saw an article from fox17 about a woman who neglected her child. Her child has now passed. I won't go into gory details, but I just felt like I had to say something.
I have lost faith in humanity. I honestly have. I suppose that just means we need to trust God all the more.
I just don't understand anyone could do that to their own child. There are some sick people out there, and every day I think there is no more faith for me to lose and then I just lose more. It's like a never ending hole. It never fills up.
My mom works for an adoption organization, so maybe that is why I am so sensitive to these things, but I just don't get it.
This small, barely breathing, Dependant child is yours, and how could you ever let it down? What could possess you to do something like that?
Tears come to my eyes when I think of this because that is a baby. It had so much potential and if you were never going to care for it, then you never deserved it.

Today, please pray for all the children in need. Adopted, foster, neglected, etc.
Pray that they will have the strength to push through and survive. And when they grow older, give them the sense and courage to let go and be held by their heavenly father.

Blessings to you all today.
Thanks for reading, gems.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Top 3 Lies

Hey, everyone.

So today, I am going to prove how much I trust all of you, and see how many of you trust me.
You guys have been with me from the start, and I can't thank you enough for that.
I trust every last one of you.
To prove so, I am going to tell you guys the top 3 lies I have ever told. A couple of them you already know, but here goes. They aren't necessarily in order.

1. "I am fine"
This is one of the ones you already know. I don't remember the last time I was 'fine'. I'm not fine, and I don't know if I ever will be. Life gets hard. That's when God expects us to trust Him the most. When He sends us trials, He just wants us to let go, and be held. I don't know how to do that, sometimes, and I know that when people ask me if I'm okay, my automatic response is "I am fine". Well here's to all of you who have witnessed the lie: I'm not fine. And that's okay. Jesus leads me all the way.

2. I have lied about who I am.
Most of you know that Marisa is a pseudo name. Some of you know what my real name is. One person in particular guessed who I am correctly, and when asked if he was correct, I lied to him and told him he was wrong. I told him I was someone else. I know it was wrong, and at first, it was a joke. But now it haunts me, and I don't know how to tell him the truth. I see him sometimes - he knows me. He just doesn't know it. In fact, he has known me for almost 5 years now, I think. I don't want him to hate me, and I don't know how to tell him who I really am without making him hate me. But the longer I wait, the harder it gets.  Please give me advice. And also pray for me. Pray really hard for me. I am scared of losing someone I never thought I would be afraid to lose.

3. This last one is not so much a lie as an act. And I put it to use daily. There is a certain relative of mine. For the sake of privacy, I will call her L. L is stunning. She is sweet, hardworking, funny, kind, and...non christian. She has gone through a lot in her life and so my other relatives treat her with a higher respect than any of the rest of us. Including me. She has lied to me, and hurt me, and broken me so many times. I am dead-jealous if her and in a way, I wish I could have her life. She gets whatever she wants, everyone likes her, she is smart, and she has hurt me. I think she has a vague idea that she has hurt me, but I have never told her flat out. I have certain friends who encourage me to tell her because if I don't, she will keep hurting me without knowing she is doing it. The problem is this: if I tell her, she will likely tell her father. Her father (being very protective) will likely tell my mother. And my mother will be angry at me. So the lie is this: I love her unconditionally and could never be angry with her. I am so so angry at her, but I can't not love her. I don't want to hurt her despite the fact that she keeps hurting me. Again, please give me advice, and pray. Pray, pray, pray. For her soul, for my heart, and pray that I would have the wisdom to know whether I need to tell her.

So there you have it. My top three lies. I have trusted all of you with this. Now I am asking you to trust me. What are your top 3 lies? Comment, email me, chat me, anything so that I know someone read this. If you don't want anyone to know, I think there is an option under here for an anonymous comment. Please speak. Its confession time.

I hope you all are praying for me as much as I pray for you.
Blessings from Christ.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Post 1

Alrighty! So here is post number one after spring break!
I woke up this morning to the soothing sound of rain dripping on the roof, and then got up and went to breakfast with my cousin. Yesterday's weather was absolutely gorgeous! I wore short sleeves, and I wasn't cold! It was so awesome. I got a nap in-which is nice because I worked 30 hours last week, and I really needed it.
I got absolutely nothing done writing-wise over spring break, so I made a point of writing for awhile this morning. I wrote Sarah Seleky's prompt. You guys should all check her out. She really stimulates the brain.

Today’s Prompt: Write a scene that goes backwards in time. Start at the end, and finish at the start.

As the tears dripped from her eyes, falling like snowflakes on the cold face of her dying friend, Isabel knew two things: first, this was not supposed to have happened. Second, she would have revenge.
When Isabel fell to the ground, gasping for breath in this new world, she smiled. Looking around, she found herself in a completely different time than 3162. She glanced over at Marcol who was grinning up at the sky like a newborn. He threw his arms around her and lifted her up, spinning her around.
“We did it!” He bellowed, laughing excitedly. Isabel joined him in his glee and together they ran down the hill they had appeared on.
A stone appeared in front of Isabel’s toe, tripping her down. She squealed and Marcol launched himself after her. They both rolled down the hill, giggling like children. When they reached the bottom, Isabel looked over at him, a smile touching her eyes. His own were closed, and a radiant smile still decked his face.
She reached over, pressing a hand to his tanned cheek. “We did it,” she whispered, “We did it.”
When his smile grew no larger, and his voice did not echo in her own ears, Isabel said his name.
“Marcol?” No answer. “Marcol? Come on, this isn’t funny.” Her smile fading, she touched his inner wrist with her thumb, pressing hard, searching for a pulse. Dimly receding, it knocked back into her skin.
Isabel lifted his head up onto her lap. She yelled his name over and over, and when he finally opened his eyes, he smiled, lifted his hand to her face, and closed his eyes again. She glanced down his form, and found a hole, blooming with his hot blood. She could hardly feel the warmth seeping into her clothes as he gave his last breath in this new world.
“Don’t leave me...” she pleaded.

And as the tears dripped from her eyes, falling like snowflakes on the cold face of her dying friend, Isabel knew two things: first, this was not supposed to have happened. Second, she would have revenge.

So there you have it. My prompt for today. If any of you guys decide to write that prompt from today, I would love love love to read what you have. Thanks so much for reading. :)
I wrote quite a bit of poetry last week, so check me out on hellopoetry,com. My name is Marisa Lu Makil, and I would love love to read any of your poetry if you already have an account. :) Thanks again for reading! I love every one of you guys!
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I wish you every blessing this week!

He who testifies to these things says, "Yes, I am coming soon." Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.
-Revelation 22: 20

Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Break Is Here

Hello, gems.
Happy happy spring break!
I am pretty hyped that spring break is finally here. It means no school, less volunteer activities.
And since it is getting warmer, everyone will be out and about more often which means more money at work. So far I don't have any plans for spring break other than work, but that is so okay with me. It means I have plenty of time to go on long walks, listen to music, and read, read, read. I am very excited.
Mom made a wonderful breakfast this morning of eggs, sausage, and glazed cake donuts. I can't wait to eat it!
The weather is gorgeous, the sun is shining, people are outside, and the flowers are pushing up. Trees are stretching their long branches to the sky begging the sun to come closer and grow their leaves.
Birds are taking to the air, chirping a morning song in the day, and lullabies at night.
Have a blessed spring break. <3