Sunday, March 2, 2014


A dear friend of my cousin's died of cancer today. Rest in peace, Alyssa.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I do not know Alyssa, but I know that she was dear to many people. I ask that you would carry her safely to be with you. I know that you loved her, and that there is a good reason why you took her to be with you. Her death has furthered your purposes in many ways, may it further them in many more. She was strong and beautiful, and she pushed through all the pain and suffering of this world. Bless her, Lord. Give her a room as close to you as is possible. I ask that you would comfort all her friends and family back here on earth with the knowledge that you wanted to see her beautiful face. Lord, I know that many are hurting because of her death. She had many friends, and she loved many people. She went through trial after trial and pulled through. Finally, you took away all the pain and brought her to be with you in a Heavenly paradise. Please bless those here on earth who showed love to her. They have done a great thing. Show mercy and love to all those who were loyal to her and supported her throughout her Cancer situation. May her death impact many lives and may she look down this night and pray with your saints for the Elect who are still here on earth. Lord, may her passing have been short and without pain.
We thank you for all your blessings, for the blessing of life, and the relief of death. We thank you that your son made it possible for us to die with hope.

In your Heavenly name,