Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lovely Cemetery

Hey, everyone! Weekend again. Gotta love it. :)

So I was thinking about cemeteries today, because-and this may seem creepy to some of you-I enjoy walking in the cemetery near our house. I know that some of you out there believe that a spirit will take over your mind or something if you don't hold your breath when you go past, and I was wondering what all of you think about them.

I personally don't believe any of that spirit stuff. I think that a cemetery is a cemetery. A place where loved ones are laid after they have passed on from this life.
The cemetery by our house is particularly beautiful. Very inspiring for a writer such as myself. I can find lots of different name combinations that fit magnificently with my story.
The birds sing all the time. It's pretty amazing. Also, if you stand on the very top of the hill in the morning right when the sun is rising, the sun points right at you and your shadow is like directly behind you.
I have gone to this particular cemetery several times and I plan on going there a lot more in the future.
Well, if you have a different idea of what a cemetery or graveyard is, or if you just want to word it differently, please comment or email me. I would love to hear from you.
Thanks so much for reading. I know today's post is not as cool as some others, but *lack of inspiration alert!* so if you have an idea about what my next post should be about, I am open to suggestions. Thanks again for reading. Have a wonderful weekend! :)
God bless.