Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Poem - "stay"

Hey, Gems <3
Here's a poem I wrote :)

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Name: Marisa Lu Makil
If you stay
I'll never leave
I'll wear my feelings
On my sleeve

If you stay
I'll hold you tight
Tangle our arms
in the night

If you stay
I'll love you forever
Hold your hand
And never sever

The bond we have
And people will stay
I'll bet he's glad
He stayed.

If you stay,
I'll love you so
Through the rain
And through the snow.

Stay because I love you.
Stay because I care
Breathing next to you
Is breathing in air.
Thanks so so much for reading :)
I have had a lot this week.
Work on Monday, Bible Club on Tuesday, a Business Meeting at church tonight, work tomorrow, Friday is cleaning for my cousins who are coming, Saturday is work again, Sunday is church all day, and then Monday it all starts over again.
Thanks for all the prayers you guys are sending up for me.
I would also ask that you pray for a friend of my family. She is currently hosting 3 foster children. Two of which were neglected (Wolverine and his brother), and Wolverine of them is in the hospital, so if you could pray for him, that would be wonderful. Also, the 3rd boy they have turned 1 today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUGGY BOY!!!! Please pray for the family that they will get enough rest, and that Wolverine will heal quickly so that he can get back to the family who loves him so much.
Pray that I would be kind to those around me, and also, K and I are dog-sitting for a week starting next Friday, so please pray that everything goes well.

Thanks so so so much :)
Blessings <3