Saturday, February 28, 2015

Imperfect Writing Prompt

Hey, beauties!! <3

So I decided that today I am going to be happy again.
The house is quiet, and my cousins are here safely, and I am baking muffins and making egg and Hashbrown casserole, and I am happy :)

So here's the writing prompt from today. :) I really liked it. It's simple, and not really about anything in particular, just me writing.

Today’s Prompt: Write imperfectly for ten minutes. It's just a draft, and you have no idea where it will lead you

Owl City’s “Rainbow Veins” pounds into my ears as I breath. In, out, in, out. One batch of muffins is done, the other is in the oven.
Two egg casseroles are waiting to be made along with another batch of muffins. But here I am, writing, my fingers tap-tapping away at these keys.
Write anything, they told me. Anything at all. Just go. Think of a word, and have no idea where to go with it, and go anyways.
So here I am, typing, my computer screen glaring at me. “Find something to write about” it tells me, so I will write about him. This old laptop with its waning battery power and it’s stern looks at what stories I tell.
Faithful computer, keeping all my tabs up at the same time, and playing music into my ears for inspiration. “Feast on this,” he tells me, “Maybe you will come up with something good.”
He doesn’t like how much I use him, but the keys are so used to my touch that they almost press themselves down. Almost. They fit my fingers perfectly because of the many years of wearing away.
On this piece of equipment, I have written my best, and my worst. I guess I don’t know what I’ll do without it. This computer is a sturdy one, but he’s old, and sooner or later, he will go away, and when that day comes, I don’t know what I will do with myself.
Who will let me listen to the same song over and over and over, and drive me crazy with his glitches, and yet, entertain me with Netflix, and HelloPoetry, and Blogger, who will allow me to contact my friends from miles and miles away?
Dear computer, I started this prompt writing about something completely different.
I know that one day you will break down forever, and on that day, I don’t know where my story will go.

I don’t know now.

So thanks for reading, everyone :)

Have an AMAZING weekend.

Be happy :)

Blessings :)