Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Recorded Heart

Hey, there, everyone!

Sooo I don't remember if I have posted this before, but I was going through some writing prompts, and found this one from January 20, so I thought I would post it. :)

Alyson scooped a spoonful of raspberry sorbet into her mouth. She smiled at a picture of him across the table. Two years they had been together, and she was still eating their desert. It has started when they ate this in Italy when they first met. He had asked her to meet him at this creamery and bought her a bowl of raspberry sorbet.
What she ate now didn’t tickle her tastebuds as much as Italy had as this had been picked up from family fare.
A scene flashed into her head of when she first saw him in the hospital.
His face was so pale and ghostly, and she hadn’t really known what to do. She had just stood and looked at him. He was so peaceful. He gripped her hand and the memory was almost as good as the reality had been. He lifted her knuckles to his lips and gently kissed them one by one.
“I’m okay, Al.” Tears had started ebbing down her face at this point, and he pulled her into his chest. “Hear that, Al?” he whispered, her ear over his heart. She listened hard. Bu-bum. Bu-bum. Bu-bum went his heartbeat. “I am still alive. I may be dying, but do you hear that, Al?” he cupped her face in his hands. “I am still alive. And no matter what, I will always be with you as long as you can hear my heartbeat.”
She had left for a few hours and when she came back, he was gone. Her mother had left. Her sister had left, and she had thought she knew what pain felt like, but no. This was what pain felt like. Heart-wrenching agony. She didn’t know that she would ever be able to breathe again. Screams rippled from her lips like waves on the shore. Then, something was pressed into her hand. It was small and silver, and the edges were rounded. A flashdrive. She brought it home and shoved it into the outlet of her computer.
He was there. On the screen. Oh, god, he was there. Her fingers brushed gently over his virtual face-pale white, and blood-shot eyes.
“Hey there, baby. I’m leaving soon. I can feel it. You just left, and I can feel myself going. I am making this just before I go.” the camera switched to looking at the monitor, and then went black for a moment. In the darkness of the screen, she could hear something. Bright-fluttering-alive. His heartbeat. The track ended and tears were dripping onto the keys of her laptop. There was something else. A word document. She double clicked on it, and it opened all too slowly. On the screen appeared five words that caused her to collapse again in sobs.

“So you’ll never be alone.”

Well there you have it. :) Not real long, but not too short, either.

I thought I would give a shout out to my friend, Hannah!!!!
So here's the link!!! I know she is in the middle of writing a story, and it sounds really good so far! :)

Blessings, everyone!! :) Have a good day :)