Monday, September 15, 2014

Sermon-based poem

Good morning, lovelies. How are you today??
So here is a poem I wrote, I really like it. I got the inspiration from my pastor’s sermon yesterday, and also my youth group yesterday morning <3 :) Enjoy ;)

When the world seemed to drown,
I would call on my God.
The rain-it seemed-came down and down.
I hid in my abode.

My sin-it was a cloak
I used to hide away.
I distanced me from other folk
And got worse every day.

But then I heard a voice.
It whispered through the rain
It drew me near without a choice.
Said “you won’t be hurt again.”

It said to me, “My child,
Your sin is for the past.
Your chains are gone, so sing a song:
For you are free at last.”

When I’ve done my faithful part,
And all the world doth swell,
I know this now with all my heart:
My God does all things well.

And hence forever more,
I’ll reach the golden shore.
And then, at last, my Lord will pass
And love me nothing for.

Then, joy shall reign again.
We’ll see the face of God.
No sin, no cross, no pain, just cross.
And love shall come, my friend.

My sin-it was a cloak.
I used to hide away.
But now I sing to other folk

“When God found me that day”