Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Future Family Resolutions

Hey, everyone! So I was thinking about marriage and my future husband (someday) because...yeah. I’m a teenage girl and look forward to that kind of thing ;)
Just so you all know:
Yes, I am single,
No I am not looking as of now ;)

I just like weddings :)
Anyways, back to the actual topic: I was sitting on my family;s lovely purple couch and thinking about weddings and kids and stuff and thought “Hey, my and my future husband need to like...make resolutions and stuff…” so I made a list. I call it “Nineteen Things.” And the subtitle is below. Enjoy ;)
“Future Family Resolutions”

  1. Do your best to make things fair, but teach the kids that sometimes life just isn’t.
  2. Music and stories: read, tell, sing, listen.
  3. Keep the house clean even when you don’t feel like cleaning. Find fun ways to do it so that you can teach your kids to crank the music to get it all done fast. Teach the kids that work is why God made us. ;)
  4. Second Chances (YES PLEASE!!! Teach and give!)
  5. Don’t make things to eat the no one except you likes. Accept criticism, but not whining as far as food goes
  6. Recreational events: Swimming, fishing, hunting, story time, movie night, anything to get us all together (preferably pick one night a week when no one is allowed to plan anything because it’s family night)
  7. Encourage everyone to read (and just entertain themselves in general)
  8. Playing outside!!!!! Bikes, play swords and shields or bow and arrows, wrestling with dad, hiking swimming, swings
  9. Be a good example in everything. Religion-wise, attitude-wise, and modesty-wise. Clean, read, dance, exercise, be healthy, have fun, play outside, be crazy ;)
  10. Teach true beauty
  11. Daily Devotions (family and personal)
  12. Listen!!!! Whether it be to both sides of an argument, or causes of a bad day, make a point of always listening.
  13. Find ways to make them listen up when you need their attention (I have found that saying “Clap once if you can hear me” and building up the claps until everyone is doing it is very efficient ;) )
  14. Let the kids know that they can be whoever and whatever they want. We are all identified by Christ. Be a janitor for Christ, be an author for Christ...etc. (even a princess! Just find an eligible prince to marry ;) )
  15. Teach them good manners (also find ways to make it fun)
  16. Make them tithe and save
  17. Teach senses of humor to everyone without unnecessarily hurting someone’s feelings by teasing.
  18. Show that you love your husband. Show affection in front of the kids so that they know how to someday treat their own spouse.
  19. Date Nights: Have one at least once a week. Just because you married him/her doesn’t mean you have to stop dating. Also, keep dressing up for him/her! *see previous sentence*

So there you have it. That’s my list, now I challenge you to make your own list of “Nineteen Things” to do to keep your future-or current-household in line, and accountable.
I would love to read your list of Nineteen Things! Please please email me! I would love to hear from you! Please push the subscribe button to the side of your screen, and I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a wonderful day.
Blessings!! <3

Isaiah 50:7