Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Debate Update and Prayer Requests

Hello, everyone. Blessings to you from God.

So the debate is getting rather heated. Sometimes I think I have gotten in over my head, but I know that it is all worth it. A few more people have joined the conversation, and it is...interesting to see everyone’s opinions. Admittedly, I get frustrated with a few of the new people, but I am trying to see things from their POV.
One of the things that is getting to me is the fact that many of the people who have commented expect me to give short answers to novel/essay answer questions. It is pretty aggravating. But I can do this! :)
I have been super tired lately. Other than the debate (which I know many of you are probably tired of by now) I have been working a couple part-time jobs, and I started a class, so between all those, the debate, and school, I am pretty whooped. Thanks so much for your time!! It really means tons.
Some things that you can pray about for me:
  • Wisdom with this debate!! Like I said, there are some rough waves out there, so prayers would be appreciated. :)
  • A couple friends of mine are in need of prayer. D as always, is still resisting Christ, but I think he is coming along. K needs some too. Umm my friend H is dealing with some depressed friends, so she could really really use some prayer.
  • My church life. Our church is struggling with some things-like all churches do. One of them being only one pastor. We are having a congregational vote on sunday, so prayer would be awesome.
  • Me in general. Work, school, training, a second job, the debate, it’s all running me down a bit. Also, strength to keep going in the great race. That I would constantly be reminded that God is in control.
  • Family life. Every family can use prayer. Budgets, classes, jobs, attitudes, it all adds up to family agitation. So please pray for us. :)

If you can think of anything else, please pray for it! I am tired and so I am sure that I forgot something.
Thanks so much for reading and praying.

Blessings from the almighty.

Have a great night. :)

“He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.”
Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.”
~Revelation 22:20