Saturday, January 3, 2015

Wall Art

Okay, so I had this idea from a friend-meaning I non-creepily went into his room and saw on his wall-that he had like a bunch of Flash cards on his wall with bible verses and stuff on them, and I had been wanting to do something like that for awhile, but I was lacking in the area of pushpins haha. So, I finally did it today, and it looks pretty awesome. I bought a bunch of new gel pens and picked a couple colors for each kind of quote (blue for songs, red/orange/green for other quotes, pink/purple for bible verses etc...) and I put it in a certain shape.
I like all the diversity and such. I really like how it looks :)

So my problem is, I would like to make the whole wall look a little more natural, but I can't think of anything more to write, so here's what I want: if you guys have any particular quote or song lyrics that mean a lot to you, or pictures that I could print out, you can sent them to me, or put them in the comments, or anything. I really really like inspirational quotes, so that would be so cool. I would like to see how far I can get this message to go.
Quotes are awesome.
So chat me, email me, comment below, and as always, subscribe. :)

I can't wait to see and hear all the quotes you guys give me. Thanks tons.

I am really excited.

Blessings, have an amazing weekend.