Friday, January 9, 2015

"Dear Friend..."

Okay, so today, I had one of my friends ask me why I hang out with him and the rest of the friends in our friends group, so here is why I hang out with you guys. This is not only to the three who live near me, but to all of you who get me through the hard times even if you don't know it.

Dear good friend,

I love you. I am a hurt person. I have gone through a lot, and that is why I love you. You laugh with me when I am sad, and you make me smile when I think I am going to cry. You are kind to me, and you don't ask questions when I cry, you just comfort me. It is friends like you who let me know that I am human-that I am worth it. And that is a big thing for me.
I have my own way of hurting where I can't tell anyone. If you know me, you know that I don't really like attention. I don't like being the center of it, and I don't like calling it to myself.
When I am upset, or angry, or sad, or lonely, or just need someone to talk to, I look at you, and you make me happy again.
There's no guarantee that life is going to be easy, in fact, God says that life is going to be really hard. "The world is going to hate you" he said. So when it gets rough, and I feel unwanted, or shaken up, or scared, I text you. I call you. I email you. I message you. Anything that will remind me that people love me and care about me, and that there is no need to be afraid.
I love you because you make me happy.
I love you because you are perfectly imperfect.
I love you because God made you.
I love you because you love me, and that is huge.
I can't even say all the reasons why I need you, and why I love you. If you even doubt for a second that I need you, you are dead wrong. I need you so much more than you know for so many more reasons than you know.
There are no words. We are stronger together than we could ever be apart.
I don't know what I would do without you. I might not even be here if it weren't for you, so thank you.
Thank you for loving me, because I love you.

Your friend,

Marisa <3

Seriously, though, thanks so much to all of you who listen to my problems. You guys are awesome. Even if you don't know you are helping, you are. I may not tell you, but you help me. And I don't tell you guys enough how much I love you.

Thanks so much.

Blessings <3