Friday, January 16, 2015

Pinterest Pinspiration

Quick snipet of inspiration that I got from this picture.

I finally went back to the place I never would. The place I swore I wouldn't. The tunnel where I first met Cabell. I ran my fingers along the rough dirt walls. They dragged over the one white flower that protruded from the wall. It was the only thing alive down here. Even I wasn't alive.
I arrived in the room, and it dazzled me all over again just as it did every time I came here. There, sitting in the midst of a circle of candles, legs folded, fingers relaxed, eyes closed, was Cabell.
"I'm ready." I whispered.
He slowly opened his eyes, and, seeing me, jumped into action. He stumbled to a desk in the corner, and swiped up an old milk glass. 
"Here," he said, "Just fill this. We'll do it in no time." He rubbed his hands together in anticipation.
"I can't just...cry on purpose! How am I supposed to do that?"
"Just.." he sighed, thinking of the right words, "Think of the worst memories. I know! Your brother! Adamus was his name, right? Think of Adamus. When I killed him, his eyes were nearly popped out of his head with surprise. His blood splattered onto my boots."
A gasp ran unbidden from my lips and tears began cascading in white tendrils down my cheeks. "Why do you need all of these tears?" I choked out, trying to think of other sad memories... A task that was all to easy for me.

I just saw the picture and thought of this. Thanks for reading. If you have any particular inspirational pictures, please send them to me. :)

Thanks tons.

Have a blessed weekend :)