Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Purpose

Still getting used to writing 2014. It's a new year. That means time to find new friends, leave the ones who don't want me behind, and listen yet again to the voice of our Lord. I started blogging because a journal just doesn't cut it anymore, and I want other people's opinions on a lot of things. I kind of stole the idea of an alliterating title from a friend.
This particular blog is not for anything in particular. Just posting things when I feel like it. Another reason that I started this blog is because a friend of mine suggested that I make one just for venting and doing whatever as opposed to sticking to one particular subject and having to stay with that one. So yeah. I will be posting things about my day, stories (novels or otherwise) that I have written, poems and you will probably find out more about me on this blog than you will talking to me in person unless you are a really close friend. I most likely won't be posting every day. Between my job, church, school and just being a person in general, I may not have a lot of time to post. Thanks for bearing with me. :)