Thursday, February 20, 2014

Coffee is Better In Turkey

I am so clumsy... I mean, spilling Turkish Coffee on a new library book? What a waste of coffee! Oh...and the book was good, too. :)

For those of you who don't know, Turkish coffee is like American coffee but WAY better! You don't need creamer or sugar or anything. You drink it black. If I could tell you in a picture how good it is, I would. It is really yummy.
So yeah, I just walked into the library and they told me to go to the desk on my way out because a book had damage and I had one of those oh-crap-I-forgot-about-that moments. Haha so yeah, I may need to pay a huge fine because the book only just got to the library! So yeah. It's called Fangirl. It was okay, but I think Rainbow Rowell could have done a lot better cleanlinesswise. It is about this girl who has a twin sister. They have always been obsessed with this certain fandom that is modeled after Harry Potter, but when they get to college, the older of the twins doesn't want to share a dorm with her sister, and she just doesn't want to have a whole lot to do with her at all. So this girl turns to her fandom. It is basically how she gets through her first year of college. A good read, but definately not for those of you who are super conservative. I'll put it in perspective. If you can watch Supernatural or Arrow without skipping the bad parts, you should be perfectly fine. :)
Going back to the point of all this, I was drinking Turkish coffee and eating Paklava-another thing you should really try!- and I had my book next to me, and I bumped my cousins cup. Clumsy me...spilled ALL OVER the book. Yeah, that is just one example of how clumsy I am. :D