Monday, February 24, 2014

Pilaf Recipe

I am in the mood for a fish fillet from Micky D's. Credit to Noah, my brother who proposed that we go to lunch at McDonalds, when he was pretty sure we were not going to be able to go. I am having a craving. It's literally all I can think about eating. It's not fair. I really want some. So I started thinking about what my favorite food is. So I really like Chow Mein and Teriaki Chicken, but I think my all-time favorite meal is probably Teriaki Pork and Pilaf. I hope you all know what Teriaki is, because you just haven't lived if you haven't had Teriaki. But for those of you who don't know, Pilaf is an Armenian rice made up of Vermicelli-a noodle, rice, of course, and chicken broth. Here's the recipe.

•  1 cup Basmati long grain rice
•  1/2 cup vermicelli crumbled into 1 inch long pieces
•  Extra Virgin Olive Oil (enough to cover the bottom of your cooking pan
•  2 tablespoons chicken base


  1. Put 2 cups of water on the boil. When it has boiled, pour it into a bowl with the chicken base, and mix

  2. While the water is boiling, wash the rice in a strainer over a sink until the water that comes out is no longer cloudy. Set aside to drain.

  3. Pour olive oil into the cooking pan until it covers the bottom. Crumble in the vermicelli. Saute until the vermicelli is browned, but not burnt.

  4. When the vermicelli is browned, pour in the broth and the rice, and stir until it looks all mixed up.

  5. Cook on low for a half hour. When it is done, the rice will be soft, but not squishy, and there will be no more liquid.

*NOTE: Vermicelli is the traditional pasta used in this dish,  but other small
pastas such as "Angel Hair" may be used as well. Pilaf is generally used as a side dish to chicken or pork, but in the middle east, it is mostly eaten with Pita bread and lamb.
*NOTE: Butter is also an option to be used instead of olive oil, or to be put on as a complement on top of the pilaf after it is cooked.
So anyway, that is Pilaf. It is AMAZING. I think you all should try it. So yeah. I would love to know what all of your favorite foods are. That is always a cool thing to know.