Friday, October 3, 2014

Heroism Essay

Hello, my lovelies :)
So I had to do this for school, and I thought it turned out pretty well :)


This last few weeks, I read three different stories about heroism. I am supposed to compare and contrast their different kinds of heroism, and how great I thought they were, but....what I really think is that everyone has their own type of heroism. They all also have their own evils.
Gwaine was strong and he was truthful, and he was brave, and these days, people would call that heroism, but the fact that he was brave proves that he was not a hero. If he was not scared at all, then how could it have meant anything? For all we know, Gwaine could have just been performing his yearly yule-tide, and defeating more monsters. Yeah, it was great that he solved the riddle, but if he was not scared to death, it didn’t mean anything. So I think that he did have a certain kind of heroism.
Beowulf. The medieval picture of a hero. And-if I am completely truthful-mine too. He was scared at first, but he was still strong, and he had a code. He cared for people who didn’t belong to him, and even people he didn’t know. He did what he loved to his very last breath.
The Knight. We never really hear what all he did, we hear a description, but that is it. It says he was brave, truthful, strong, handsome, and not too bad among the ladies, either. It tells us that he went around on adventures, and helping others, slaying dragons.
In conclusion, I think that all of the people we read about are good men. They were-in reality-heros. Just like everyone. Just like me, and you, and really everyone. Because no matter where we come from, what we look like, or how we talk, we all have our own accomplishments whether it is killing monsters, or living our day to day life even though we are scared to death.  A hero to me isn’t someone who can face anything anytime. People like that will fall, and they will fall hard. A hero to me is someone who knows when to trust others to take care of them. When to stand up, and when to back down. When to celebrate, and when to gather rest and peace. Because we all have our own troubles, we all have our own lives, and we all at times are scared beyond belief.

We all have our own dragons to slay. We just need to know when to slay them and when to let them go.