Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sniper Part 3 Update

There is nothing better for a writer than a fresh cup of coffee, lunch out, and being stuck inside on a cold day. :)

Yes, all of those things describe my day so far. I am working on part 3 of Sniper, so I might not post it till tomorrow. Like I said, I work better when I can write on paper, so sorry to those of you who were waiting on it!! I will post more, though. And I expect all of you to hold me responsible if I don't!! Email me, Facebook, just bug me until I get it up. :)

I kind of ran out of ideas. So, I made a Plot Diagram with Read Write Think. It was really helpful. :) I'll put the link below if any of you need to find a good site for one. :)

I have actually been switching between windows while I write this post, and I am actually further in Sniper than I thought, so I might post it today. But hopefully if not, then tomorrow. :)


Here's the link to ReadWriteThink. :)…/stu…/plot-diagram-30040.html