Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Things Guys Do That Frustrate Girls

Hey, guys, and girls alike. :) How are you all today?

Well I got the results for the survey-type thing I did. And I have to say, the girls were a whole lot more receptive than the guys were. I definitely got a lot more from the girls than the guys. I think I will do the girl’s post today, and then tomorrow, I will do the one about things girls do that drive guys crazy. :)

Okay, so Here’s what I got. Guys, listen up. These are the things you do that frustrate girls :)

  1. Whine incessantly about their problems. They deserve a chance to talk, but they aren't the only ones who have feelings. If you would like to tell us about your day, please feel free, but if there is an obvious way to fix your problems, and you are not willing to do it, then please, just don’t talk about it.
  2. Being too negative. Again, talking about things you are unwilling to fix, and just talking negatively in general.
  3. Disappearing for no reason. Like if you are leaving, please come say goodbye. Unless you are upset with us for some reason. In that case, please let us know so that we can fix it! Because I don’t know about other girls, but I know that if a guy doesn’t talk to me for a long period of time after talking to me like every night, I am going to assume that there is something wrong with either you, or me :P
  4. Being desperate. Like always saying "I need a GF". Okay, come on, guys. All of you should know that you never EVER talk about another girl when you are talking to one. That’s just. No. Just stay away from that one. And constantly saying you need a GF is worse because you never know how the girl you are talking to feels about you, so you really need to just be careful what you say.
  5. On the extreme opposite, when a guy likes you and they can't accept that you like/are in a relationship with someone else. Once we are out of a relationship, feel free to do what you want, but when you make it obvious that you don’t accept our current relationship status, that’s just not ok. Not only does it make us feel the need to make a choice between two excellent male-friends, but it also is just annoying.
  6. When they have to text all day everyday. No. Don’t do it. Guy or girl, actually,
  7. When we write something long and thoughtful and get a short response back, or just an 'ok'. Or when somebody didn't respond for days, or not at all. That’s just annoying. No one likes that, really. Come on. If you are going to start a conversation, then keep it going!!! Don’t just leave us hanging. Once there was this guy that I texted, and I literally waited until 1:00AM for him to respond. He never did. Like...that’s just not ok. :P
  8. Mess with our look. Nope.
  9. Lastly, when we are talking to you, literally pouring out our heart to you, and you give the impression that you don’t even care. That makes us feel unwanted. Also, when you make us feel unwanted. That’s not cool, guys. The same goes for girls too, actually.

So yeah, there’s today’s post. Hopefully by tomorrow, I will have more response from the guys. :)

I hope this was helpful to you guys! Now go out there and use that masculine charm to get some girls :)

Have a blessed day. :)