Friday, October 17, 2014

Felicity Queen - Arrow

Hello, everyone. :)

How are all of you on this fine day? I am doing well. I got to talk to my best friend, H. It was pretty fun stuff. Haha.
So I have been watching Arrow again. I am feeding my obsession with Felicity Queen (Did all of you Arrow fans catch that?). So far it is pretty hard core. Fight scenes, romance, emotion. Haha it's pretty cool. So, yeah. You guys should all watch it. All. The. Time. Because I am telling you, you will be hooked within like...two minutes. Haha. So I would love to hear all of your favorite shows. I love Doctor Who, sci-fi type things, and I LOVE Sherlock. Those two have to be my favorite. Then there is Supernatural, and Arrow of course.
Also, if you watch any of these TV shows, I would love to hear your opinions and favorite characters. In DW, mine is Amelia Pond. Sherlock, obviously Sherlock. SPN, I LOVE DEAN! And in Arrow, I think Felicity is my favorite. :) They are all super awesome characters.

In case you had not figured this out, I also love ships. And by ships, I DO NOT mean like ocean liners and all that crap. You'll either get it or not. Haha

So yeah, there's today's post. Have an awesome day! I certainly have, and I am looking forward to another awesome one tomorrow.


Have a great weekend. :)